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Charles and Micki in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Hello! We’re Charles and Micki Kosman and we’ve created this website as our journal into the world of adventure traveling. We’ve been to numerous locations around the globe with a major emphasis on Southern Asia in the early years and slowly moving west in the past few years.

Beginning with our first year long adventure in 2003, we’ve literally spent years traveling and are always eager to pack our gear and head out again.

We’ve changed our traveling habits over the past decade from light backpacks and dodgy hostels to larger backpacks and reputable accommodations, but our sense of adventure has remained the same.

We decided to pursue a family life a few years back and are now teaching our little ones the joys of travel. Our son, Cole,  is content wherever we happen to be and our younger daughter Jordan is always pulling us along.

To date, we’ve taken them traveling through Cuba, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, Continental USA, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Greece and Turkey. With hundreds of possible destinations left to go, there’s a lifetime of adventure just waiting for us!

With both our kids along for the ride, a couple winters ago we enjoyed spending time in beautiful Hawaii. The winter before we spent half the year checking out some warm southern climates. We spent two months in Mexico followed by two months in Costa Rica. After that we decided to check out a few warm US states and spent the next few months in Florida, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. While in Arizona we decided to come back to Kamloops, British Columbia for a year contract and to enjoy our Canadian summer here with friends and family. We totally enjoyed our time in Kamloops and fell in love with the area. So much so that we decided  to sell our cabin in Manitoba and are now fully free to travel year round.

The Barefoot Nomad Children at Rushing River Kenora Ontario

Rushing River, Ontario, Canada

Last winter we headed south to Mexico again where we enjoyed a few months of sun and heat and everything the area had to offer. From there we flew into MadridSpain and devoured more chocolate con churros than we probably should have. After acclimatizing ourselves to cooler temperatures we headed north to Avila and then we spent almost a month driving through Portugal learning the toll system and falling in love with Porto enjoying castles, awesome architecture and delicious port wine. We slowly made our way south through Lisbon and enjoyed our final few days at the end of the world in the Algarve region.

We eventually settled back in Spain for a month in the alluring white city of Nerja (close to Malaga) and slowly toured the Southern Andalusia region. After that we were up for excitement and jumped on a half dozen buses, boats and taxis and made our way across the Straits of Gibraltar to Tangiers, Morocco. From there we took an overnight train to Marrakesh where we spent a few weeks riding camels, checking out the immense souks and medinas, enjoying some amazing riads all while experience daily life in North Africa.

Next on our list was getting back to Europe and eventually wrestling with monkeys in Gibraltar. From there we headed north to visit old friends and eventually flew out of Valencia into Italy.  Unfortunately our time in Italy was short (don’t worry we’re going back) but we had some lovely meals before flying off to Greece and spent a few weeks checking out the Greek Islands. From the island of Kos we made our way to Turkey. To say we thoroughly enjoyed the country would be an understatement. Even a long overnight bus trip didn’t hamper our enjoyment of walking through medieval fortresses, climbing the gorgeous travertine terraces of Pamukkale or flying over the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia.

After a final short week in Istanbul, we flew back to Canada and enjoyed a week in Toronto before driving back and forth across the Canadian prairies all summer visiting friends and family.

This brings us to fall and winter 2013 where we’ve decided to settle down in Kelowna, BC for a bit while we work on some of our web sites, let the kids enjoy a regular school and take some time to catch up on a lot of things we’ve seen over the past year. It also gives us plenty of time to plan our next lengthy jaunt into the unknown.

As always, nothing is ever set in stone with us and we might just blow wherever the wind and our bare feet take us. We’re especially excited because for the first time in years our itinerary is wide open and the possibilities are endless.

Cuddled up in the hot air balloon basket Butterfly Balloons Goreme Turkey Cappadocia

Cappadocia Region in Goreme, Turkey

If you want to get a feeling for our our views on travel feel free to check out some of our posts under Travel Philosophy and if you’re looking for some tips on traveling with kids, why kids are amazing, tech gear we take with us, or possible jobs you can do while traveling then follow those links.

We believe traveling with insurance is vital while on the road so please check out our travel insurance review post for an idea on prices and company comparisons for Canadians.

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or just a quick hello at any time. If you have a question, run it by us. We respond to each and every email.

We enjoy any and all feedback and if you have a good tip on someplace to go, eat, stay or play while we’re on the road, all the better.

Thanks for checking out our site and safe travels to everyone!

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Charles Kosman and Micki Kosman

Happy travels from The Barefoot Nomad!


Charles Kosman and Micki Kosman at the Adams River British Columbia Canada The Barefoot Nomad

Adams River, British Columbia, Canada


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