The Kijiji Finding Yourself in Canada Mosaic

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It’s photography month at The Barefoot Nomad! Stay tuned for another great contest and photography tips coming up later this month.

If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you’ll probably know that we’re Canadian.

In fact, there are untold numbers of toques piled up in my closet right now in preparation for snowboarding season. Not Canadian yourself? Not even sure what a toque is? Check out this site for a good explanation.

I’m so Canadian that I’ve been known to wax poetic about returning to Tim Hortons to grab a double-double after six months out of the country. I’m so polite I apologize profusely to a chair after stubbing it with my toe. I don’t even snicker if someone asks me if I’ve been to Moose Jaw lately.

Moraine Lake by by James Wheeler on Flickr

Moraine Lake by by James Wheeler on Flickr

Being a good Canadian, I’m always thrilled to see a project that celebrates the unique mosaic of Canada’s culture and landscapes.

I think this is one of the key elements of Canadian society, where immigrants from around the world are free to bring in their own cultures, creating a unique mosaic made strong by a respect and understanding of diversity. It’s our biggest contrast to the United States, where immigrant cultures are more expected to blend into the American dream.

The Kijiji Finding Yourself in Canada Mosaic is all about capturing the emotional essence of Canada’s beautiful landscapes. Kijiji (pronounced key gee gee) is a hugely popular Canadian classified ads site. We’ve used it a ton over the years to both buy and sell everything from furniture to cars to houses before heading out on the road or coming back to Canada.

To celebrate the beauty of Canada, Kijiji’s just launched a new collaborative art project that creates gorgeous, high resolution mosaics from uploaded photos from all across Canada.

Users upload photos that create feelings of happiness, adventure or romance, and the photos are then added to mosaics of each province.

It’s a ton of fun to play with. You choose the mood (happiness, adventurous or romantic) and the province, and then view the resulting mosaic. You can even click on any tile to zoom in and see that particular image.

Now The Really Good Part: You Could Win!

When you submit an image, Kijiji will enter you in a raffle to win a new DSLR camera. This contest is only open to Canadian residents, though anybody can go online and check out the mosaics. The official contest rules can be found on Kijiji’s blog.

Check out the samples of the types of mosaic they’ve created below.

This post was sponsored by Kijiji Canada, but the inordinate amount of time I spent Googling funny ways to identify a Canadian was all me. (Hint: You’re definitely Canadian if you know who Relic and Bob and Doug McKenzie are).

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  1. Mitch Ryan

    That picture really takes my breath away.
    True, Canada is really famous for being immigrant-friendly country.
    I have many friends who are now living there.


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