Wild Poppies at Kos Castle Greece

Tripping Over History: Kos Ruins in Ruins, a Greek Island in Photos

I didn't expect the ancient ruins in Kos, Greece to be so... well ... in ruins. Coming from Spain and Portugal, we were used to castles and monuments with manned entrance booths, charging plenty of Euros to let us in. Ropes and barriers to keep us off the attractions were everywhere, and guards often stood by just in case. This wasn't the case in Kos. Wildflowers grew among the ruins, and entrance booths were unmanned and sometimes covered in graffiti. Join us as we look through the lens at the Isle of Kos and a state of ruins.
Corfu Beaches

Petty Larceny, Wanderlust and Dreaming of a Holiday in Corfu

I love dreaming about where to go on vacation. As a kid, I would flip for hours through glossy vacation brochures filled with scenes of sun-drenched beaches and smiling families until the pages went limp with use. Travel agents must have hated me. I was constantly nicking their magazines. Not much has changed, except I'm checking out pretty pictures online, instead of committing petty larceny against unsuspecting travel agents. I'm on a bit of a Southern Europe kick these days, and checking out the great beaches of islands like Corfu. Why Corfu? Corfu's a Greek island on the Ionian sea, dotted with pretty beaches and historic ruins. It sounds like a wonderful place to...