Elysee Cave Hotel Courtyard Roses in Foreground

How To Sleep In A Cave And Love It

"We're going to sleep in a cave, Mom? Like Batman?" The kiddos were a bit incredulous about our next adventure. And to tell the truth, I wasn't entirely sure that booking a few nights in a cave would be a great idea. Would it be damp? Or dark? Or, as Cole asked, would there be Batman?
The Balcon Restaurant

A Love Letter To Grand Old Hotels

Once in a while we get a chance to spend some time in a hotel that offers something really special. You know the hotels I mean. The hotels with the huge lobbies gleaming with polished wood, where you just might run into someone famous sitting casually in an overstuffed chair. Hotels with room service wheeled up to your room and served with a red rose and a white tablecloth. Hotels where the bellboy is over 60 years old, and loves to tell stories about the time ...
Hotel Swan and Teddy Bear

29 Things We Love in a Hotel Room

As a traveling family, we've stayed in a lot of hotels. Some of them one star, some five star, but most in between. While we expect a lot of differences between a five and one star hotel, it's often surprising how much difference there can be between hotels in the same class. What are some of the little things that we scan for in hotel reviews that can make the difference between an ordinary stay and a great stay. Find out...