How Much Money Do You Need To Travel Our Guide

How Much Money Do You Need To Travel? Our Guide To Figuring It Out

Whether you're backpacking on a round the world trip, spending your summer in a European villa or planning a two week road trip around the USA, one of the hardest questions you'll have to answer is: How much money do I need to travel? Charles and I have had to answer this question for every trip since our first round the world trip together in 2002. Along the way, we've found some helpful tips and resources for figuring out a budget for even the most complex of trips. Here's our back of the envelope, quick calculation guide to get you started.
How to Save Money for Your RTW Trip

How to Save Money for your Round the World Trip

Eight months before Charles and I first started traveling back in 2002, I was a broke university grad with a student loan and almost no savings. How did I save enough money in 8 months to travel the world for a year? By getting serious and following this tough love approach.
Scrooge Piggy Bank

5 Motivators to Save for the Next Epic Trip

So, you've decided that you want to take an epic trip. Whether it's a year long sabbatical, a week-long splurge at the beach, or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, you're going to need the cash. And saving isn't easy. Here's some serious motivation to get you saving.
Career Break Longasta Beach Costa Rica

How An Extended Career Break Can Cost Less Than Your Last Vacation

You've probably seen articles by single backpackers about how to travel the world for $500 a month. Sure, it's possible, if you stay in dorms or hostels in Thailand and live on street food. In fact, it can be a great experience, but it's not right for everyone. If you're a family like us, or you just want to travel with a little more luxury, is it still possible to afford to travel for months at a time? It is possible. In fact, you can take a career break and travel for a couple of months for less than the cost of a typical vacation. I'll explain how we do it. Charles and I are always asked how we can afford to travel for months at a time, especially with two little kids. As a family, we've traveled for months through Mexico, Costa Rica, the US, Asia and the Philippines. Trust me, we're not lottery winners, or independently wealthy. We have to to work for it, just like everyone else. We've learned some great tricks that might just help you take that dream long vacation. Stay with me, and I'll explain how we do it.