Charles Kosman

Charles Kosman
Charles Kosman

Charles is the co-founder of The Barefoot Nomad Travel site. He’s been traveling around the world since 2003, and a travel blogger since 2008. You can read more of his travel writing on this interview on Medium.

Born and raised just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, I grew up smack dab in the middle of the Canadian prairies. With nothing but flat wheat fields and muddy flooding rivers for hundreds of miles around, I knew early on that Manitoba wasn’t for me. Though it can have gorgeous summers, in winter I’ve played in snowdrifts the size of houses and have seen temperatures dip below -50 Celsius. I mention that only to stress to you my desire from a young age to travel to places that are warm and near water, especially in Canada’s snow filled winter.

I’ve also been into computers and technology since I was young. Always curious, I love the digital age however I don’t mind unplugging every now and then and seeing what the real world has to offer. This lead me to dropping out of university and allowing me to see a good portion of North America. Luckily, my love of computers lead me back to school to complete my degree in computer programming and prompted mymove to Calgary.

Charles Kosman at the Hierapolis, Turkey
Charles at the Hierapolis in Turkey

Since 2001 I’ve worked with numerous companies doing everything from being a lowly code monkey to managing multiple teams of analysts and developers. It was during one of these stints that I met Micki and, within 6 months, we both quit our day jobs and booked tickets for a year long round the world trip together. Engaged in Thailand and married in New Zealand, to say we were both bit by the travel bug would be an understatement.

These days we co-manage The Barefoot Nomad and our other sites under our tech company Technote while also trying to raise our kids, Cole and Jordan, and getting in as much travel as we can. Though we now have a home base in Kelowna, BC on the fringes of the Canadian Rockies, we love that we’re both able to be location independent and travel as often and as long as we can.

Besides for my love of tech, my love of family and my life long marshmallow addiction, I love to travel and I feel the pull of the ocean at all hours of the day. Whether I’m sailing, playing in the surf, kayaking, snorkeling or diving there’s nowhere I’d rather be. Throw in a hammock, a cold beer and a laptop with decent WiFi and I might just decide to call the place home.

If you’re interested in getting to know me a bit more, here’s a few of the more philosophical posts I’ve written on The Barefoot Nomad in regards to a life of travel. Overcoming the fear of travel, leaving the past behinddefying tradition and things travel has taught me.

Thanks and safe travels!