Win A Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR Camera!

The truth is, we’ve been eyeing up a DSLR camera for a while now. The problem is, regardless of the quality improvement, we haven’t wanted to trade our portable, lightweight point and shoot for a big, bulky DSLR.

We travel a lot (ahem… being travel bloggers and all that), and the thought of lugging around a big camera, two kids and waaaay too much luggage was just too daunting.

But sometimes serendipity strikes. Out of the blue, Canon asked us to try out their brand spanking new Canon EOS Rebel SL1, billed as the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR.

Woo-hoo! We’ve been having a fantastic time capturing some great travel (and family!) memories with this little camera. Check out some of the great photos we’ve been able to take with the Canon Rebel.

But now we get to do something even more fun … wait for it…

***The contest is now closed! Our winner was the lucky Arun ***

We get to give you a chance to win your very own Canon EOS Rebel SL1 valued at over $1,000!

We used our little Rebel to take the photo below on an ordinary, overcast fall day with the kiddos. We’re not professional photographers (at all!), but the Canon captured the moment beautifully, I think. And sometimes it’s the little moments (especially with little ones!) that are the most precious.

Daddy Jo and Cole

Here are the details:
The giveaway is for a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with a 18-55mm IS STM lens (MSRP $779.99) and a Canon EF 40mm f2.8 STM pancake lens with a MSRP of $229.99.

Total MSRP Prize: $1009.98

The contest is open to all our Canadian readers, except Quebec (sorry!).

Here’s a little sneak peek at the camera – it’s a gorgeous little thing that’s easy to manage with one hand.

A Canon EOS Rebel SL1 w/ 18-55mm IS STM Lens (MSRP $779.99)

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with the 18-55mm IS STM Lens

We’ve had a chance to play with both lenses, and we’re loving how incredibly lightweight and portable the camera is. Especially with the 40 mm pancake lens.

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 w/Canon EF 40mm f2.8 STM Lens

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with the Canon 40 mm pancake lens

Now the best part – your chance to win!

So how do you enter? It’s easy.

See the Rafflecopter widget below?

To enter, all you have to do is to enter your name and email in the widget or log in with Facebook.

The contest runs from October 31st, 2013 to Midnight (PST) on Nov 10th, 2013. The winner will be contacted via email and the prize will be shipped soon after.

If the Rafflecopter entry form doesn’t appear, please wait a minute for it to load.

So… go ahead. You know you want to…

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Disclosure: Canon Canada supplied us with a Rebel SL1 and lenses for our personal use and the giveaway. As usual, all opinions are our own. This contest is open to Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec.

10 Responses

  1. ginette4

    Great camera, would love to win because my daughter borrowed my camera when she went to New York city and dropped it, oh the pics I would take with this camera, thank you and good luck everyone

  2. Ida

    This looks like a camera I can travel with! Thanks for sharing.

  3. MissT

    Such a great camera. I love how compact this DSLR is. Not sure if you required anything more in the comment so hope this qualifies.

  4. The Guy

    Such a shame that those of us in the UK can’t enter 🙁 It looks like a great prize and well worth winning. I do agree with you though, when travelling it is much easier to carry a compact that is why I rarely bring my DSLR with me.

    Good luck to all who enter.

  5. Henry C

    This would be the perfect camera to have this holiday season !

  6. Rebby

    I SO would love this camera! I LOVE that is also has full HD video recording as well! Thanks for the great giveaway, and good luck everyone!

  7. Maggie C

    awesome review and always wanted a camera like this! THANK YOU =)

  8. SueSueper

    What a great camera. I’ve not had a SLR camera before. EVER. So this would be awesome!

  9. Pamela May

    Good luck to everyone, nice camera to have for sure. Thank you!

  10. Debbie Bashford

    The pictures are so crisp. My old 3mpx camera is so blurry compared to them. would love to win a DSLR camera as I really want to get more into photography now that I am retired and have the time to learn

  11. stacey dempsey

    this would be so amazing, my oldest son has a passion for photography and is taking classes now but his camera is nothing like this he would be so excited to have this THANKS for the chance to win it

  12. alix hind

    i recently had my camera stolen and lost my job. Then I lost my cell phone 🙁 I have no means to take pictures anymore and would love to win a camera as its going to take me a while to be able to buy a new one. Please help me take pictures again!

  13. audio42

    I’m a Canon fan. My old trusty S40 needs replacement soon!

  14. Kerwin

    Would love to win a new DSLR to take some pic with my new family member!

  15. Mary Manna

    Canon is my brand. Have always had a Canon. Would love to upgrade to a EOS Rebel DSLR.

  16. Brent S

    What can I say…I could use a great camera, and this one is awesome!

  17. Tina Peterson

    I’m not sure what kind of comment you are looking for. I would LOVE to have a nice camera – I use my cell phone and while I can take some nice pictures with it – I’d love to have great pictures to send to my daycare parents. =D Thanks!

  18. Darlene Schuller

    What a gorgeous camera and amazing pictures!! I would love to win this, mine broke a few months ago! Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Kaylie Nguyen

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!!!!
    Love this camera 😀

  20. Ivan Plumridge

    Awesome camera and lens combination – would love to be able to give it a go.

  21. Mathew K

    This is such a great contest! Thanks for offering up a cool prize!

  22. Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo

    I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say in my comment. How about, I just found your blog and am interested in reading more about your travels. We travel 6 months of the year, between Canada and Mexico and have since our kids were 10 months old. we alos bring the two dogs and a cat. Thanks for the great giveaway. I’m in the market for a new DSLR.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  23. charityk

    i would love to win this to replace the current camera i won which is good but not as good as this one

  24. May K

    Wow! I’ve been wanting a new camera for quite some time, and this looks perfect!

  25. julie g

    This would great for the budding photographer in our family.

  26. Swee L

    This would be the perfect camera for all my photo and video projects I’ve been postponing because I don’t have the perfect camera. Yet. 🙂

  27. Kevin W

    We would be thrilled to upgrade our Canon P+S to a DSLR and capture some really great photos on our family trips.

  28. Christina

    Psst.. just ignore these other people. You know you really want to give it to me instead… =D

  29. Sara rai

    Awesome review. A good camera with a lot of
    Good features. Would love to win this camera for my family. A way to cherish great memories.

  30. Jasen H

    Some impressive features on the camera. Would be a nice upgrade from my cell phones camera. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  31. Anne Taylor

    I would be thrilled to be able to give this camera to my daughter! Thanks

  32. Bakhitbay Embergenov

    would love to win this camera, always wanted a DSLR camera

  33. Tooth Fairy

    Fantastic giveaway, the picture quality looks unbelievably sweet, sharp and crisp! I love the light weight and compact size!! I believe it takes perfect photos in low light situations too.

  34. Alouise

    My point and shoot camera died on me before I was due to go traveling around Canada and the US this past summer. I would love to have a DSLR, but due to my general poorness I’m not able to afford one. Winning a camera like this would be amazing.

  35. Denis S

    Would love to win this for my mom, she loves taking pictures.

  36. Leanne M

    What an amazing camera. It would be fantastic taking pictures of my 3 kids.

  37. Alex Petzoldt

    Humina, humina, humina! What a beaut. I would love to own this!

  38. Graham

    Great camera. I briefly got to play around with one, so I’d love to actually get my hands on my own.

  39. Jeanne

    Wow!! What a great camera. I would love to win this because everyone in my household says I need a new one. My old one is a just push the button and go!! That’s pretty sad don’t you think!!!!

  40. Sue Walker

    Great camera. I have a friend that swears by this and would love an upgrade from my iPhone. 😉 Great blog.

  41. Tammy Dalley

    Ive always wanted a DSLR camera , this one looks awesome! Would love to win this to give myself for christmas hehe 😉 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  42. Amy Heffernan

    Thanks for the contest. I love how it got a continuous shutter!

  43. Jessica Pang

    Can’t remember the last time I bought a camera. All I use is my smartphone now. If I will I’ll need to take some classes. I feel like an old fogey.

  44. Emily Wells

    I’d love to win this camera. I take all my pictures with my iPhone, which works well enough, but they’d turn out SO much better with a real camera! Good luck to all!!

  45. Glenda Wong

    I’ve heard that the Rebel is the best camera in its price range!

  46. Patrick Beliveau

    Nice Contest… Ive been looking into getting a DSLR, an upgrade over our Canon bridge camera.

  47. Danielle

    I love my Canon (I wouldn’t buy any other brand of DSLR) and I remember thinking “ooooh, I wish I had the money to buy this!” when this model came out. It’s amazing how a good camera will get you into photography a lot more than you were before. Have fun taking great pics of the family/travels 🙂

  48. Kimberley

    I love Canon cameras and would love to win this contest. Thanks for the opportunity.

  49. Ernie Martin

    This would be an amazing camera to take pictures of nature with and everyday life events.

  50. ann w

    Love that this DSLR camera is not bulky like most. The compact size is perfect for travelling with.

  51. Dan

    My Nikon is on the fritz right now… I may need a new camera 🙁

  52. Wayne S

    Thanks for the contest! I still have (and use) my trusty old 35mm Canon Rebel XS. Time for an upgrade!

  53. Amanda S

    This would be an awesome upgrade from my P&S camera! Thanks for such an epic giveaway!

  54. Jonatas

    This is a fantastic contest! I wanna win it! =) I love Canon!

  55. Tracy Martin

    Fantastic giveaway. I would love to win this camera. Great for travel and family adventures.

  56. Lori B

    we are going on a family vacation next month this would really help retain a hopefully awesome time

  57. Suzanne G

    What a great contest and would love to win this amazing camera

  58. Ben Slinger

    This camera would be great to have when my son is born this month!

  59. Kat E.

    I love that the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 is so lightweight! I have small hands, and have had trouble holding friend’s DSLR camera’s because they are so big.
    Thanks for the Giveaway chance Micki!

  60. Graham

    This would be be my first SLR. I’ve been jealous of people who have one for years. 🙂

  61. Kim Fenton

    Looks like a great camera. I have an old Canon DSLR at the moment but I hate lugging it around to capture everyday little moments, I would love to have a smaller, lighter option.

  62. Bev Sayers

    I have a small Canon type camera, takes nice pictures, BUT this Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR Camera is what I would really love to have to take pictures of scenery, family, animals and share them with friends and family.

  63. ikkinlala

    Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to try this camera.

  64. Crystal Rogers Walker

    I so want to win this for my son, he doesn’t have much nor does he ask for much, I have made it possible for him to go to Disney World in Dec and I would love to win this for him

  65. Ryan M.

    I’m planning to travel in February. This would come in handy and it’d be my first DSLR.

  66. Kimberly

    looking to get a dslr in the near future, this would be awesome to win.

  67. lucy

    what great pictures I could take of my granchildren
    would love to win

  68. Tanis

    New baby arriving soon, we’d love this for her first moments!

  69. Nancy

    Would be wonderful to win this camera! Altogether I would have one.

  70. Alexandra

    I am an inspiring photographer so this camera would really let me start off my hopeful career. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Judy Williams

    Such a great camera at such a convenient size – would love to win this to take pictures of my grandkids!

  72. Cheryl Grandy

    This looks like a great camera and lens set.It would be very useful for taking pictures of my children.

  73. Heather H

    My daughter is a budding photographer .. she would love this !

  74. Laurel Simmons

    I would love to take pics of my family with this camera. Thanks so much for the chance!!!

  75. Carole Dube

    Amazing Camera! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  76. Tamara Davidson

    I would really love to win this camera! Thanks for the great contest!

  77. Ashley

    I would really love to win this awesome camera! Thanks for the great contest!

  78. Pat Reeve

    What a wonder combination of lens and camera, ready to go to work!

  79. Betty S

    Love your pictures, this is an awesome camera. would love to have one.

  80. Lori Bazan

    You can always trust Canon and their cameras to be the top of the line. I would love to own this compact camera…thanks for the chance!

  81. Lyndsay

    I would love to win this for my husband, he has always wanted a good camera. This would allow him to have a hobby that would bring him some peace and quiet.

  82. Sarah Henson

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity! I would be more than ecstatic to win such a fantastic camera! 🙂

  83. ducky

    It would be great to have a great camera for my husband to use when traveling.

  84. jennifer S

    Sounds like a great camera. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  85. tammigirl

    Oh my gosh, what a fantastic thing to get to learn! I would love the opportunity to teach myself all about DSLR and learn to take better photos.

  86. Charlene

    It looks like a great contest..thank you for having it here. 🙂

  87. Deby

    Love Canon but it’s a bit beyond my budget right now. Would be wonderful to have for the upcoming holiday season.

    Thanks for the contest!

  88. Joanne

    This camera looks amazing and I am in the market for a DSLR!!

  89. Deby

    Love Canon but it’s a bit beyond my budget at the moment. Would be wonderful to have this for the upcoming holiday season!

  90. Hal Jenner

    Great camera, would love to win this prize as I am currently without a camera since my grandson broke my old one

  91. Heather A

    I have been looking at this camera and wishing I could afford to buy it for my Husband for Christmas. Winning it would be awesome.

  92. Gene

    Would love a camera like this to capture great family adventure shots!Thanks for the opportunity.

  93. Annie

    Fantastic prize! I have an old Canon camera and would love to update!

  94. raven

    My camera recently broke, I would love to win a new one and Canon is known for their quality

  95. Wanda Bergman

    This camera would be a dream come true! Would love to surprise my photography-loving husband with this. Canon is such an awesome company!

  96. laurel k

    I’ve had Canon products all my life they are the best, thanks and great pic

  97. Sande

    What a great contest – thank you. This is an amazing camera. Would be such a pleasure to use it. Good luck to everyone – but my goodness would I ever love to win this.

  98. Shannon Dana

    Amazing opportunity to win a fantastic camera! Thanks so much!

  99. Linda Hall

    I would love to win this for my son. He takes photos with his iphone only so this camera would be a great upgrade instead.

  100. Mary I

    I am a fan of Canon and would love to have a new DSRL. Their features are great

  101. Londia

    Not sure what kind of comment you wanted but this sure sounds like a great camera and would be great for the family. Thank you for the chance.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  102. Marlene V.

    I would love a great camera — I have always wanted one. My daughter graduates grade 12 this year — how perfect!

  103. Anne Derkat

    My husband would love this. He’s always taking pictures.

  104. Kristi

    I would love to win this as my camera doesn’t take the greatest pictures.

  105. Valerie Gibson

    This would be a great camera for travelling and going out for walks.

  106. Shelly

    Would love this camera. Always wanted a nice camera when backpacking. Seen some beautiful things, would of loved to taken pictures with a quality camera.

  107. Deanna

    Love canon, in need of a new camera to capture family moments.

  108. Serena Debolt

    Excellent brand with a great warranty policy – thanks for the giveaway!

  109. Ken Willie

    These cameras are the real deal and I would love to own something like them!

  110. darci

    Nothing like an amazing camera in one’s hands to capture those special moments, I still rely on my small digital version vs a cell phone. Having a really powerful camera would allow me more chances to capture and preserve my kids moments of awesomeness!

  111. evan polowick

    this is an amazing camera…my wife and I just looked at it last week and have narrowed it down to the one we want to take to Everest base camp and india…but would rather win it! thank you for the opportunity to do this!

  112. Dave Heighton

    Love the amazing camera & thanks for a great contest!


    What a great camera and wonderful contest. I would love to win!

  114. Mary Danieli

    Would love this camera! Had a point and shoot that I lost. Would love to start taking some great photos again.

  115. Monica F

    I could really appreciate something lightweight like this not to mention such great quality.

  116. Dayna Wilson

    I want one of these camera so badly. Thanks for the opportunity!

  117. LiamHP

    Would love to not have to use my cellphone to take pictures. Great looking camera and website! Thank you.

  118. Kira Krusky

    Thanks for the contest would be an amazing thing to win 🙂

  119. Mai

    It is about time I upgraded my camera… 😉 Good luck everyone!

  120. Barbara Hutcheson


  121. Laura Elise

    love how compact the camera is and still has great features. your pics are amazing

  122. Caitlin J.

    This would be a great addition to my upcoming backpacking trip! Love Canon cameras.

  123. Barbara DeFrance

    This is the camera I have been waiting for. Small but wonderful!

  124. Mary-Jane Treleaven

    My husband wants a new camera so bad – would love to win it for him!

  125. 409cope

    This would be great for taking pictures of my little grandsons!

  126. michelle tremblett

    This camera looks unbelievable !! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  127. Sonja S

    I have been looking for a new DSLR and this would fit the bill!

  128. Lori P

    Love to take my photos to the next level with a DSLR camera like this!

  129. Lori

    ooh to own a real camera to take pics of nature to make etchings of.

  130. Jaime Brown

    My daughter is getting so good taking pictures, even with an old film camera, I would love to see what she can do with a awesome camera like this one, thank you:)

  131. dave j

    this would be the ideal upgrade to the point and shoot camera

  132. Sandi Tymchuk

    Sounds like a wonderful camera that may be simpler to use than others–would love to win it!

  133. roger simmons

    Would love to win this thanks for the chance, I have 2 children and a number of years of memories to make still.

  134. Kris Kipp

    I would love to upgrade from my point and shoot to an SLR. Thank you for the chance to win!

  135. leanne cobbledick

    My camera died a while back and I would love to get one so wonderful as this!

  136. Colleen Helgren

    Have been wanting to get a new camera. My current camera is so old that it still has pictures from the age of the dinosaurs on it! Would love to win and upgrade! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  137. Mandy

    Hope to win this camera! My pontes dslr is on its last legs and I’ve been wanting to switch to cannon for a while. Thankyou for the opportunity

  138. Jen L

    This camera is the exact right level (entry!) for me. Plus being the lightest and smallest DSLR it makes it just perfect to take travelling, which is awesome to replace my aging 7mp Olympus.

  139. Jay Jeworski

    amazing camera… haven’t heard of this model till now

  140. alan parker

    havent operated an SLR since my Minolta XG got stolen in the 90’s winning this would be great!

  141. Charlotte

    I’m ready to upgrade to a DSLR camera and this looks like the perfect one to get started.

  142. RACHEL

    I have not bought a camera in 10 years. This one loooks nice.

  143. debra

    would love this camera-i’m still carrying around my old big camera because love the quality pictures it takes-this would be great replacement.

  144. Travis

    The recent increases in high ISO performance has really left me wanting to upgrade my camera!

  145. Margery FL

    Awesome prize. With a camera like that the world becomes viewed in a different way.

  146. Andrea Amy

    amazing! I have 5 boys, so this would be an amazing thing to win!

  147. deb

    this looks much more sophisticated than my little point and shoot camera.

  148. Crystal Englot

    A Canon Rebel has always been at the top of my wish list! This is my ultimate dream camera! I am an amateur photographer, but currently I have to use my HTC phone to capture photos since my last camera died and I do not have the funds to purchase a new one at the moment.

  149. mitber

    this camera would be great to have, trying to develop my inner photography person so I can enjoy that which I capture

  150. JoAnne Hudy

    This is a fantastic prize to win, and I would be able to take photos that I could be proud of… 🙂

  151. Janet M

    Colors are so lovely in your shot. Fall is a wonderful time of year for photography.

  152. Eric Hammond

    Would love to have this, been looking for a new camera.

  153. Andrew Bazan

    I am such a huge camera guy and always snapping pictures….go ahead…Make My Day!

  154. alison k

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Hope it will expand my indoor & nightime shots which are pretty sad at the moment.

  155. Silvana Cox

    nice looking camera, would be great with the holidays just around the corner and lots of get togethers with family and friends

  156. chloe

    This looks like a great little camera to capture the small moments!

  157. Edwin

    Would love to get this dslr. Sold mine a few years ago and would be great to get back into it again!

  158. Jonnie

    This looks amazing! I am such a bad photographer but with a camera as nice as this one, I’m sure my skills would improve

  159. Penny

    would love to win a decent camera and learn to take great pictures

  160. Cairine

    Great picture of your family. If the camera always takes such nice pictures then I would certainly be satisfied!

  161. Mark Stabel

    I have an old SLR rebel and could use the digital update.

  162. Mark Stabel

    My old Canon Rebel is an SLR. I would love to update it with a digital version.

  163. lori b

    the features of this camera is amazing, I would love to win this

  164. Karla Sceviour

    ohh awesome giveaway,,I would really love to win to replace my 7 year old Kodak Easyshare!! 🙂

  165. Elaine

    I want to join a photography club and need proper equipment.

  166. l p

    this will be my first digital camera. it would be great to win. thanks



  168. Andrew P

    I’ve never owned a good camera in my life, winning this would spark an interest for me in learning the ways of photography!

  169. Louise M

    great camera. Ours just does not work anymore and could use a new one. Great give away

  170. Mims W

    Amazing Contest! I would love to have something other then my iPhone to document my little girl growing up!

  171. Lillea

    I have been camera-less for so long, and I like the classic styling of this camera. Thanks for the review!

  172. Dreena

    What a fantastic giveaway! I’ve always been a fan of Canon.

  173. tanyab79

    This camera has so many great features. I would love to own one of these.

  174. Karine

    I would LOVE to win this, I never had a really good camera in my life and that would be the best thing!

  175. sueboobadoo

    Love this camera and all it’s features. Thanks so much for the chance to win one

  176. Danielle Thomson

    I’ve actually been dying to get my hands on this camera – thanks for the chance!

  177. Sande

    Great contest – thanks for making the information available. Super prize.

  178. Rachel

    Canon is a great camera. Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful prize!

  179. Emilia

    great blog and love the travel tips, beautiful camera to catch those special moments

  180. Diane

    Wow, would love to have this camera instead of the bulkier DSLR.

  181. Cassandra

    this looks like such a perfect size! thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  182. Cecilia

    Awesome blog! Great giveaway… would be fantastic to win this camera!

  183. Jules A.

    What an awesome camera! Perfect for capturing all our precious family memories!

  184. Paula Huie

    What a fantastic contest! I’d love to win this camera!! I have an old XTi it still works but does not have all the fabulous functions this one does! I’d love not to have to look through a tiny viewfinder anymore (always have to take my glasses off) and the hd recording means I wouldn’t have to carry a separate video camera! So much easier to travel with! Thanks for the chance!

  185. Grace

    I think this would be a great gift for a special person in my life.

  186. Lynne

    I have been looking at this camera for a while! I have a Cannon G9, but am looking to trade up 🙂

  187. Angela

    I would love to use this camera to snap pics of my daughter in the school Christmas concert which she landed a lead role in!

  188. MelissaH

    Nice camera, would be great to have something small for travel!

  189. Neil Anderson

    Canon makes great cameras. this one looks very nice with some great features. Great pic

  190. Robin

    Now to learn to take awesome pictures to go with the awesome camera

  191. eleanor

    I’ve been wanting to upgrade from a point and shoot to a DSLR camera. This Canon looks great and the pictures look fabulous. Thanks for the review!

  192. Lori-Airbnb Superhost

    I have a Canon point and shoot & like you have resisted upgrading to a DSLR because of the weight and size. Sounds like Canon is catering to customers like us! This is my dream camera!

  193. Connie Clark

    My husband and I love to travel as well and this looks like the perfect camera!

  194. Sandra S

    Thanks for this great giveaway, this would be the perfect camera for me!!

  195. Cathy C

    This must be so amazing to capture your travels and journeys. I would love to get a change to try it. I am a new fan and I am looking forward to following your future posts.

  196. Aileen Chandler

    What a fantastic camera! I’d love to win this for my son who needs to take photos for his portfolio. He hopes to study film next year. It would be an amazing gift for him. He also dreams of travelling when he graduates. Thanks for a great contest!

  197. Irene

    I have 2 daughters that LOVE photography . This would be well used in my home !

  198. Bree

    I would love to win this camera! I need a good camera for my active 5 year old boys and this is not in my budget. It is on my wishlist for someday!

  199. A Hunter

    I had a Canon Eos as a teenager and loved it. This looks awesome!

  200. Rachel Cartwright

    I would love to update my old DSLR! This one is so much smaller, faster and just… way, way better. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed!

  201. suzi

    I take okay photos but I think with this camera my photos will go from 0 to 50 in under 5 seconds!

  202. Amy Stackhouse

    This looks like a fabulous camera! We also have two busy boys (toddlers!) so we are looking at ways to have less luggage! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  203. Heather Bush

    I have avoided DSLR because I did not want the BULK in size, so this looks ideal! Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

  204. Cory Fillion

    I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win this Canon EOS Rebel SL1 camera.
    This camera is great for travelling.

  205. Alice Ralph

    I would love to win this!! Used to own a 7D that went everywhere with me (amazing camera!) but had to sell it as I needed the money. I would love to own a DSLR again.

  206. Tyler Anthony

    Would love this because i’m going traveling next month.

  207. Sheree Hartung

    I would love to win this camera!! My fingers are crossed!!!

  208. melina r

    Our camera broke a while ago so this would be a great replacement.

  209. Debbie White Beattie

    This Canon EOS Rebel SL1 camera looks great and it has great capabilities.

  210. Julia Herperger

    Wonderful camera! I’ve always loved Canon, they are my brand, I have a little point-snd-shoot, but nothing like this, this really is my dream camera! I love that it is so light weight because I’ve always wondered about if it would be difficult to travel with a big, heavey camera.

  211. elise

    I would love to win this camera so I can use it for when I travel

  212. Chloe M.

    This would be a great camera to start out with (I’m pursuing to being a photographer and going to school for it) it would be amazing to win this great camera!

  213. melissa

    crossing my fingers big time!! I’d LOVE to win this and take some great pictures of my 4 boys!! Thanks for the chance

  214. Dawna

    Canon cameras just keep getting better and better. Would love a newer one.

  215. Steph Bkn

    Awesome prize & awesome camera! Loved reading your review, great info to have when we start the ‘official’ camera shopping adventure 🙂

  216. James

    This Canon camera will be a great upgrade from my current DSLR

  217. Angela Mitchell

    I’ve never had a decent camera before. This looks like a such a great solid camera.

  218. Maegan Morin

    OMG!!! This would be so amazing!! And right in time for Christmas 😀

  219. Tammi Litowitz

    My camera is pretty much toast now… there is a line going straight through every picture – so this would be AWESOME!

  220. Jennifer C aka JusticeSadie

    What a Beautiful Camera. I am running an old Kodak…This would be a Dream Come True!

  221. pd reimer

    We would love to have this camera, especially for family vacations!

  222. tammy mitchell

    I want to start by saying it is my absolute dream to travel with our four children. I am so thankful to stumble on your blog!!!! Second, This seems to be a wonderful camera. I had a Canon SLR 35mm. Yep a film camera. Never had the opportunity to replace it with something from the SLR digital side. I only got a point and shoot. Crossing or fingers and toes!!!!!

  223. Renee

    I have been thinking about getting a camera to help with my blogging. I would love to win this one. I also love the pictures you took. They are awesome.

  224. jen s.

    looks like an amazing camera – love that it is super lightweight. thanks!

  225. WandaJean P

    I would love this camera for taking pictures at all family get togethers and special occasions