13 Great Tips For Enjoying the City of London

Whether you’re a first time visitor or if you can’t wait to go back, here are some tips to help you make the most of your time in busy, cultured London.

13 tips for enjoying the city of London

Look out for the free museums

Everyone says that London is expensive and it is true, it can be! But the high costs can be avoided. Many of London’s leading museums can be enjoyed for free, including the British Museum, The Tate Modern and the National Gallery.

The Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park by UGArdener
The Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park by UGArdener

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Enjoy an afternoon in the park

With a population of 8.3 million and as one of the leading financial and business centers in the world, you may be surprised to hear that London has many large green open spaces. All of London´s main parks are well-maintained, well-facilitated and reasonably safe.

Spend an afternoon in Hyde, Regent´s or Richmond Park to enjoy another side of London.

London taxis by Thierry Hudsyn
London taxis by Thierry Hudsyn

Avoid London traffic

London is a very busy city, formed by a maze of narrow Roman streets, which often, especially during rush hour, can experience extremely high traffic congestion. This means that taking a taxi can be a very timely and expensive experience, especially if you only have one day in London.

Rick Steves London 2017

The London underground is the easiest way to get around, walking is evening better… if it’s not too far!

London bus by E01
London bus by E01

Seek the cheap West End theater tickets

It is possible to line up at the theaters themselves on the day for stand-by tickets. These are heavily discounted returned and unsold tickets for that evening’s performance. Of course you may be disappointed and have to run to another theater.

If grabbing a stand by ticket sounds a little hectic for your taste, then head to the ticket booth in Leicester Square on the day for tickets discounted up to 50% off.

Wembley Stadium by Lee Thomas
Wembley Stadium by Lee Thomas

Catch some live sports

Many iconic sports teams and venues call London home and you could enjoy the live action. The home of Cricket Lord’s Cricket Ground, the home of Football Wembley Stadium and the home of English Rugby Twickenham, all host events year round. London also has 13 professional football teams, more than any other city in the world, including Chelsea and Arsenal.

Portabellow Road by Suvodeb Banerjee
Portabellow Road by Suvodeb Banerjee

Explore London’s markets

Markets are at the heart of London’s culture and way of life, and can be a great way to see the quirky side of London.

Whether you are looking to buy or not, a peruse around one of London’s markets, combined with a cup of tea and a slice of cake in a nearby café will give you a sense of local life. Check out Brick Lane for vintage gems, Portobello Road for antiques and Columbia Road for flowers.

Don’t miss the traditional attractions

Just because Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Piccadilly Circus are some of the best known, most touristy attractions in London, does not mean that they should be avoided. Brave the crowds and don’t miss out. In no time you’ll be muttering “that’s where that historical event took place” or “that’s where that great scene in that movie was shot!” They are famous for a reason.

London by Greg Knapp
London by Greg Knapp

Don’t rush your trip

London is a huge city which cannot be seen in a single weekend. It is likely that you will return home feeling like you have only scratched the surface. If possible try to stay for more than a few days. You could even study for a semester at one of the many reputable universities or attend a London school of English to improve your language skills. The city is one of the most multicultural in the world and is very international student friendly.

Shop till you drop

London has some great shopping areas to suit all budgets. Check out iconic Oxford Street for high street flagship stores, Bond Street for high end fashion and Knightsbridge for prestigious brands and famous department stores such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols or Westfield, Europe´s largest urban shopping center.

Hebden Post Office by Alison Christine
Hebden Post Office by Alison Christine

Escape the city

If you are staying for more than a few days, you may want to get away from the noise and bright lights and explore some of London’s outer boroughs. Only a short train ride away are some of England’s most beautiful areas, like Oxford, Richmond and Henley-on-Themes are leafy, historic towns with many sites and musings.

Plan for the weather

In London you need to plan for all eventualities, whenever the time of your visit. Despite being situated in one of the mildest areas in the UK, the weather can be unpredictable, so pack an umbrella and sun glasses at all times! Rain fall is consistent throughout the year with between 11 and 15 rainy days every month.

London Tube by Pedro FigueiredoLondon Tube by Pedro FigueiredoLondon Tube by Pedro Figueiredo
London Tube by Pedro Figueiredo

Watch out for pickpockets

In comparison to other major cities, London is not particularly rife for pickpockets. However, as in all busy areas, you need to be vigilant, especially when on the tube, which is a target area for criminals during rush hour.

Sample the cuisine

The UK in general is not famous for food. But it would be wrong to think that you will not enjoy a great meal during your stay. London is said to be the world in one city, due to its cultural diversity and this reflects in its food. There are more than 6,000 restaurants covering every popular cuisine, with 55 Michelin star restaurants and the home of many celebrity chefs.

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