7 Ways to Enjoy Luxury Glamping in the UK

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Luxury glamping in the UK is one of Europe’s hottest vacation trends.

Glamping is a mix of glamourous amenities with camping out in the wild. You get the beauty and relaxation of being near nature, while not having to give up a warm bath, a comfortable bed or even a gourmet meal depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Glamping lets you get out in nature, without all the hassle of setting up a tent and sleeping on the ground, or the inconveniences of using public washrooms and cooking out of a cooler.

Glamping in the UK
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These vacation alternatives can even come accessorized with lavish features like hot tubs, luxurious washrooms, high end beds, and often stunning views.

With glamping, there’s a price point for everyone, from the most affordable and simple accommodation to high end luxury retreats catering to all your needs.

Luxury Glamping in the UK

From a yurt to a cabin in the woods, to a well provisioned caravan or oversized tent, glamping in the UK is special and inspiring. Many of these glamping options have the amenities of a five star resort giving you a luxury vacation, while others are simple, rustic and close to nature.

No matter which you chose, glamping lets you enjoy nature in comfort, while still getting outdoors and experiencing the natural world around you.

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Glamping with a Hot Tub

There’s something so special about coming home from a day of hiking or exploring, and then relaxing in a hot tub. Glamping with hot tubs at Unique Hideaways lists dozens of UK hideaways that let you get outdoors and exploring. If you’re worried that a camping weekend might be too rustic, check out some of these lovely rentals with hot tubs. Spend your days fishing, hiking along the coast, horseback riding, bike riding and more, and enjoy a hot soak to relax your tired muscles.

Looking for a fun couples weekend? Romantic glamping with a hot tub can be a wonderful bonding experience as you enjoy the fresh air outdoors together, soaking your cares away. It’s a wonderful choice for London honeymoon packages.

The Bird Box UK glamping outside bathtub
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Glamping Huts

Glamping huts give you the best of both worlds: time in nature, and a secure, cozy place to spend the evening. A camping hut, bungalow, mini cabin or cabana – whatever you want to call it – is a relaxing place to spend your holiday and offers you the security of a sturdy roof over your head. Due to them having better insulation, there are glamping huts found right across the UK including winter huts in the off seasons.

Glamping in an Airstream

Airstreams have gained a legion of fans across the globe, and for good reason. They’re a unique and fun way to spend time outdoors, and a wonderful way for beginner glampers to start.

UK Glamping in an airstream with hot tub Panoramic Silverbullet
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Glamping in Safari Tents

Leave your cooler and sleeping bag at home, all you’ll need is an overnight bag when you stay in a high end glamping tent. This kind of glamping experience can come with heated floors, outdoor hot tubs, extraordinary sea views, a private ensuite bathroom, and free wireless internet access.

For me, staying in a safari tent brings images of royalty crossing the vast Sahara desert, or adventurers on a great journey across South America.

Glamping in a safari tent in the UK  Mount View Sunrise Safari Tent
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Glamping in Cornwall

Cornwall is known for its spectacular beaches and pounding surf set along a dramatic coastline. It’s also home to wonderful restaurants that serve the iconic Cornish pasty and cream teas.

Glamping in Cornwall takes advantage of these wonderful views and there’s a ton of options for every budget.

UK Camping with Sea Views

With over 12,000 km (or 7,500 miles) of coastline, the United Kingdom’s coast offers plenty of glamping with sea views.

You can stroll along the quiet beaches of the North Norfolk Coast. If you’re more in the mood for stunning views, Cornwall has plenty of them, as does the rest of the South West Coastal Path.

Dorset is a destination with a lot to offer, where you can pick fossils by the sea, or simply enjoy an afternoon strolling among scenic Dorset wineries.

Glamping Sea views in the UK Tregwelan Shepherds Hut
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Quirky Glamping in the UK

If you can imagine it, there’s likely a quirky camping experience in the UK that will meet your imagination.

Unique glamping in the UK Dulcie wagon
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Unique glamping in the UK ranges from overnights in a converted dairy barn to a cottage that looks like it could be inhabited by fairies, to a luxury safari tent overlooking the sea.

You can even choose to glamp in a houseboat as a unique hideaway. That’s one of the more unusual glamping experiences that I’ve seen.

Boat glamping UK Mistery 2
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Where is the Best Glamping in the UK?

Glamping in the UK offers experiences as diverse as staying in a seaside cottage, overnighting in a luxury airstream caravan on a working farm, or in a yurt enjoying festivals live near Chester.

So really, the best glamping in the UK allows you to see and do what matters the most to you. Whether by the sea or inland, in a modest tent or in a full on luxury retreat depends more on your budget than anything. They are as unique as you are, and there’s something for every taste.

With so many different types of glamping available, you’re sure to find a glamping option that’s perfect just for you.

Where would you love to go glamping? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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