Petty Larceny, Wanderlust and Dreaming of a Holiday in Corfu

I love dreaming about where to go on vacation.

As a kid, I would flip through glossy vacation brochures filled with scenes of sun-drenched beaches and smiling families until the pages went limp with use. Travel agents must have hated me. I was constantly nicking their magazines.

Corfu Beaches
Beautiful Corfu by Michael Gleave

Today, not much has changed, except I’m checking out pretty pictures online, instead of committing petty larceny against unsuspecting travel agents. I’m on a bit of a Southern Europe kick, looking at how to find Corfu holidays for our beach loving family.

Why Corfu? Cofu’s a Greek island on the Ionian sea, dotted with pretty beaches and historic ruins. The old city has made the UNESCO World Heritage List. Many think Cofu was mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, and homeowners on the island’s exclusive northeast side include members of the Rothschild family. It sounds like a wonderful place to soak up culture and history, wander the cobbled streets of the old city and take a dip in the clear water of the Ionian sea.

Lighthouse on Corfu
Lighthouse on Corfu by Dean Sas

If Corfu doesn’t work out, it’s not like there’s a lack of fascinating and beautiful places to hang out in Southern Europe. Maybe I should start checking out bargain Spain holidays as well? Costa Blanca’s looking pretty good, with its beautiful views and crimson sunsets.

Costa Blanca Spain by Wyemji
Costa Blanca Spain by Wyemji


Sunset at Costa Blanca Spain
Sunset at Costa Blanca Spain by Wyemji

If beaches and sunsets aren’t working, word is that there’s some stunning Gaudi architecture to see.

Gaudi's Casa Batllo
Gaudi’s Casa Batllo by Lukasz Dzierzanowski

But most importantly… given our well documented love of ice cream, it’s nice to know that something like this would be waiting for us.

Helado de Frambuesa in Andalusia
Helado de Frambuesa in Andalusia by Javier Delgado

Do you have any dream destinations?

Dreaming of a Holiday in Corfu