What’s on our Family Travel Bucket List?

Like so many people, we keep a bucket list. Ours is constantly changing, as new adventures catch our eye, and as completed dreams are checked off.

Over the years we’ve traveled, we’ve knocked some amazing things off the list.

Our Family Travel Bucket List

We’ve gone on a road trip through Spain and Portugal, ridden camels in the Moroccan Sahara and floated over the surreal cave houses of Cappadocia, Turkey in a hot air balloon.

We’ve sailed through Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, dove the Great Barrier Reef and went whale watching in New Zealand.

We’ve visited ancient temples around the globe; from small temples in Mexico to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

We’ve witnessed the greatest salmon run in the last 100 years in British Columbia, Canada and have tread in the steps of legends from Ponce de Leon in Florida to Vasco De Gama in Portugal.

We’ve also had the opportunity to zipline the treetops in Costa Rica and have gotten our bare feet sandy on some of the best beaches known to man from the Caribbean to the Philippines to Indonesia.

But the world is such an ever-fascinating and beautiful place that we could live 10 lifetimes and never finish our list.

A list like this is a deeply personal thing, but we hope you can find some inspiration for your family trips here as well.

Some of these trips might be better suited for when our kids are older (they’re five and eight right now) or when political tensions relax again (like Egypt and Venezuela) but they’re here nonetheless.

In no particular order, here’s 50 items on our family bucket list for traveling with our little family.

  • Sleep in a yurt and ride horses across the plains of Mongolia.
  • Contemplate life by the fountain in front of the Taj Mahal at sunrise.
  • Take a luxury train in India.
  • Volunteer at a marine turtle sanctuary, raising baby turtles to release in the wild.
  • Go on a luxury cruise, like this cruise at Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.
  • Take a Spanish course in a Spanish speaking country.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride together over Africa’s Serengeti.
Ballooning over the Serengeti Photo by Brian Hampson on Flickr

Ballooning over the Serengeti Photo by Brian Hampson on Flickr

Sea Lion Pup by dagpeak Flickr

Sea Lion Pup by dagpeak Flickr

  • Feel the heat of a live volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Make faces at the statues on Easter Island.
  • Learn to surf.
  • Kayak through the Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of British Columbia.
  • Visit the Hallelujah Mountains in China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.
  • Go to a traditional tea ceremony and sumo wrestling match in Japan.
Photo by Keith Broad on Flickr

Sumo Wrestling by Keith Broad on Flickr

  • Swim with a whale shark.
  • Try the world’s hottest chili pepper.
  • Sleep overnight in a haunted castle.
  • Sail around the world on a catamaran.
  • See the Big 5 (lions, tigers, elephants, rhinoceros and giraffes) in Africa’s Serengeti.
  • Kayak past an iceberg.
Kayaking in Greenland Photo by Visit Greenland on Flickr

Kayaking in Greenland by Visit Greenland on Flickr

  • Take a helicopter ride over the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Cruise the Mediterranean in a super yacht.
  • Spend a day in silence at a Buddhist monastery in Tibet.
  • Pan for gold in Alaska or the Yukon.
  • Join the Mongol Rally.
  • Walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain.
Praza do Obradoiro by Alberte Couto on Flickr

Praza do Obradoiro on the route of the Camino de Santiago. Photo by Alberte Couto on Flickr

  • Race bicycles along the Danube River in Germany.
  • Search for the Lost Lemon gold mine.
  • Fly a glider.
  • Paddle the family down a canal in Venice.
  • Learn how to make handmade gnocchi from an Italian grandmother.
  • Hike through Antelope Canyon in Arizona.
Photo by Loïc Lagarde on Flickr

Antelope Canyon by Loïc Lagarde on Flickr

  • Visit the countries our ancestors immigrated to Canada from: the Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, Austria and Denmark and find some long lost relatives.
  • Visit the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.
  • Visit Ushuaia in Argentina, the southernmost city in the world.
  • Sing karaoke in Japan.
  • Float in the Dead Sea.
  • Go into outer space.
  • Stay in an over the water villa in Bora Bora.
Photo by Phil Varney on Flickr

Over the water in Bora Bora by Phil Varney on Flickr

  • Walk the ruins of Stonehenge at twilight or dawn.
  • Have a picnic on the shores of Loch Ness.
  • Watch the Northern Lights in Iceland and then have a dip in the Blue Lagoon.
  • Hike up to Machu Picchu in Peru.
  • Dance with some penguins in Antartica.
  • Race the kids on the Great Wall of China.

Do you have something on your bucket list that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know what it is in the comments – we’d love to hear!


15 Responses

  1. Angus Pryor

    Hi guys

    I love your list and we share some common items. I have a bucket list in my office and as I look at it, I also want to learn Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country – although I’m thinking 3 months worth since I want to go from reasonable to pretty good.

    I love your bullet point icons : )



  2. cat of Sunshine and Siestas

    I love that the Tomatina, Taj Mahal and Camino de Santiago are all on your list! I’ve done all three in the past nine months, and they’re all incredble. Not sure you can play in the fountains at the Taj, but you probably won’t want to since you’ll be so mesmerized!

  3. Gran Canaria Local

    Wow, some great choices. You could do two of these in Gran Canaria: learning Spanish and walking the Camino de Santiago. We have our own version of the latter.

  4. Maria from Nerd Nomads

    Great bucketlist!! Some of these are also on my list, and some of these I have already done/ seen. Hopefully I will get to do safari in Africa later this year, as well as hiking up to Machu Picchu, as we are traveling for a year. Ah, som many beautiful things to see and so many fun things to do in this world! 🙂

    • Micki Kosman

      Maria, I know how you feel!

      I could probably fill up a few other blog posts with things we’d love to do and see. That travel bug just won’t let go after you’ve been bitten!

  5. Sharon

    My top item on our bucket list is do the trans Mongolian railway – we will get to it some day!!

    I have done quite a few of yours. We did Spanish immersion studies in Spain, Guatemala and Nicaragua. It was such an amazing thing to do. I would love to join you at La Tomatina, but I am glad I have already hiked the Inca Trail and seen the Giza Pyramids as I can’t say I enjoyed either experience much!! 🙂

  6. Miguel Angel

    Great bucketlis, if you have plans to travel to Mexico, don´t miss the whale shark tour in the caribbean, I´m from Cancun Mexico in the Caribbean, we have nature attractions tha you must consider in your list, on May of every year we have the visit of amazing guest, whale sharks that come in hundred to the surounding of isla mujeres and Contoy, also a must do here in Mexico. If some time you come to Cancun Mexico dont miss this amazing activity. Greetings from Mexico!

  7. Donna Garrison

    My family and I were just thinking about creating one, as a way to inspire us while traveling is limited. Living somewhere for a few months to learn Spanish tips our list. I’d also love to take a mother daughter trip to do the Camino de Santiago or the Inca Trail.


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