Banana Crepes, Iguanas and a Trampoline

Today has been a great day. So great that dad is letting me, Cole, write this blog entry. Okay, I’m only 5 and can’t really read or write that well but dad said he was going to use my voice, whatever that means. He says that people might enjoy a different point of view for a change.

Mayan Pole Flyers Tulum Mexico
Mayan Pole Flyers Tulum Mexico

This morning started off really great. I woke up just after 7 when the good housekepers made a little too much noise outside our room. It’s a good thing they woke me up because, unlike the rest of my family, I love the morning. Mom got up with me as well. It was her turn but I know dad was kind of awake because he kept opening his eyes and shaking his head. I don’t think he likes mornings as much as I do.

We got into a place called Tulum yesterday and we’re staying in a neat hotel room. Me and Jordan have to share a bed but that’s okay because mom and dad are right beside us. I like it when we’re close. Mom must have really wanted to keep me quiet because she let me play my Nintendo DS while she surfed the internet. They never let me play games in the morning. It’s too bad because I enjoyed waking up really early and sneaking downstairs to play it when I first got it a few months ago. Dad wasn’t too happy when he found out and from then on they hid it at night so I coulnd’t find it. Oh well, there’re always cartoons and toys to play with.

Once everyone was up (it wasn’t too much later since I barely got to play) we walked down the street to get something to eat. I wasn’t too happy at first because I was enjoying my DS but the restaurant had a nice cat to play with. It reminded me of our cat Cosmo back home with grandma. I kind of miss him but I know he’s enjoying himself with all her cats. I got to talk to him the other day on the phone while mom talked with grandma. He was pretty quiet but I know he enjoyed hearing my voice.

Anyway, mom and dad ordered me a chocolate and banana crepe. I wasn’t that happy with the idea of it until it came. It was huge and delicious and mom and dad kept stealing some. I finished the whole plate and was a little mad they took so much. I could have eaten a lot more. Next we walked down the street a bit and grabbed a taxi. That part was fun because we got to drive really fast. Mom kept telling me to sit down and hold on.

They told me we were going to see some ancient ruins. I have no idea what that means but I liked the sound of ancient ruins and used it in every sentence for the next 10 minutes. Dad finally made me understand that it was a place that was really old and had historic significance. I have no idea what that meant either so dad just said it was a place with old rocks lying around. I didn’t want to see old rocks but they promised me a train ride when we got there. It wasn’t a real train though. It was what dad calls a tram. To me it looked more like a tractor pulling a few carts. It was stil fun though.

When we got off there were these guys on a very tall pole. Four of them had ropes around their legs and they spun down upside down (like Spiderman) while another guy played some funny music on the top of it. Everybody was watching and it was very neat. Mom and dad got a little upset when they realized that we weren’t in the right area after that and we got to go on the tractor thingy again back to where we started. Dad seemed happier as we followed a crowd through a very large crack in a stone wall. Dad said this was the entrance into the ruins. There were a lot of people out but as we walked in we saw a whole bunch of lizards and iguanas everywhere. Mom and dad kept taking pictures of us next to the piles of old rock but I really liked looking at the lizards and playing hide and seek every time I saw a good place to hide. Mom and dad didn’t really want to play that much though.

Beach at Mayan Ruins in Tulum
Beach at Mayan Ruins in Tulum

There was a nice beach at the place but it was way below and mom and dad said they didn’t want to have to walk the long stairs up and down to get there. I think that would have been the funnest part. Dad said there weren’t any iguanas down there so I decided we shouldn’t go anyway. After looking at a bunch more lizards (and more piles of rocks) we followed the people out of the ancient ruins. Dad said people used to live there hundreds of years ago but all I saw were rocks everywhere. I’m not sure I believe him but I thought it best to just go along with him and nod my head. It seems to make him happy when I agree with him.

Next we walked to the place with a bunch of taxis. I thought we were going to get in and go to the beach but dad and the guy didn’t seem to get along. It had something to do with the taxi driver being a crook dad said. Anyway, there was another one a bit farther down the road. Dad seemed to like this driver much better and we drove away. Dad and the driver had a good long talk (usually it’s fairly quiet because dad can’t speak their language) and we stopped at a place by the water. As we walked in I noticed a playground and a trampoline. The place was really quiet but there was a a trampoline and dad said I could go on it after we get “settled in”. (I think that means that they want to find a place to drop those heavy bags and stuff.)

Dad talked to a guy and we got this huge bedlike thing. It was right on the beach! Jordan and I got to play in the sand and mom and dad ordered us some drinks. I had a great big Strawberry Smoothie and Jordan had a Shirley Temple. Hers was too fizzy but I liked mine. I really wanted to go try the trampoline but dad kept saying that we should finish off our drinks first. (I think they just liked their beers too much.) Luckily they finished them off really fast and we got to go bounce on the trampoline. (I really liked that part.) Dad taught me a new game called “crack the nut” where I hold my toes and he jumps around until I let go. He can jump really high and so we played a new game called “catch the Cole”.

Jordan and mommy jumped a little and then we all went back to our spot on the beach. I finished off the rest of my drink and then Jordan and I ran around in the sand. Mommy and daddy ordered us some nachos and more drinks. After we finished off the nachos they orderd something called a mojito. I’m not sure what was in it but after that mommy seemed really happy and then we got to jump on the trampoline again. Mommy was jumping like crazy this time and we all had a lot of fun. Jordan was a little scared to jump but she loved running on it. We would take turns chasing each other around on it until we got dizzy. I never wanted to leave it was so much fun.

Tulum Beach
Tulum Beach

I thought we were going but mommy and daddy wanted to go by the water for a bit. We spent a long time walking and playing in the sand. None of us even had our bathing suits on but we all got a little wet anyway. We saw a bunch of pelicans diving in the water after some fish and there were three dogs who were chasing sticks into the ocean. It looked like a lot of fun but I never got the chance to throw one. The dogs were too far away from us. I was happy though because mom and dad let my jump on the trampoline again before we left.

We were all a little tired when we got back to the hotel and mommy and Jordan slept for a bit. Dad tried to make me but I was still too excited about the trampoline. I got to play a little more DS after I had spent a little “quiet time” in the room. When mom woke up she took Jordan for a walk and when she came back she had bread, cheese and mayonese! Mom said we were making my favorite sandwich for a quick late supper. I was so happy because I ask for that sandwich all the time. Dad says it’s not right to ask for that for breakfast, lunch and supper but it’s my favorite!

After I had eaten three sandwiches (what can I say, they’re my favorite) we got to watch a cartoon and then we went for a walk. Dad said he needed something to snack on but what he really means is that he wanted some sweets. I don’t mind because that usually means I get something as well. I got to pick whatever I wanted at the store and got a great pushup blueberry sucker type candy. It was so good mommy almost kept it for herself. Jordan got some gummy bears and dad had a chocolate bar (though Jordan ate a bunch of it). When we got back we played some hide and go seek. Mom and dad can never find me even though I always hide in the same two places. They seem to enjoy it though. After that we all went to bed since it was such a full day. I can’t wait to find out what we’re doing tomorrow. I think I’ll get up really early so I can get as much in as we did today!

Thanks for listening about my fun day. Hope you all have as much fun reading about it as I did living it. Cole out!