little girl on Camel morocco

Riding Dromedary Camels in the Moroccan Desert

Jordan, four years old and all of 32 pounds, makes a beeline for a sitting camel and bounds on top without a moments hesitation.I exchange a tentative glance with Charles, debating how much I should worry about our little girl's sudden bond with a 1,000 pound animal. Mohammad, the camel's handler is completely unfazed by Jordan's enthusiasm, though I'm fairly sure that small girls with wild golden ringlets don't fling themselves on top of his camels every day...

The Ultimate Guide to Finding A Great Riad in the Marrakech Medina

Marrakesh's Medina is everything every guidebook says it is: a vibrant, teeming and wild assault on the eyes, ears and nose. Hustlers, touts, tourists, merchants, mopeds, cars, and even donkeys pulling carts of fresh vegetables somehow make their way along the narrow alleyways, as Moroccan grandmothers totter along seemingly oblivious to the chaos around them.It's this chaos that makes Marrakech's riads a perfect, calm place to escape. Check out our guide to finding the perfect retreat from the chaotic city streets and souks.