Elysee Cave Hotel Courtyard Roses in Foreground

How To Sleep In A Cave And Love It

"We're going to sleep in a cave, Mom? Like Batman?" The kiddos were a bit incredulous about our next adventure. And to tell the truth, I wasn't entirely sure that booking a few nights in a cave would be a great idea. Would it be damp? Or dark? Or, as Cole asked, would there be Batman?
View of Gibraltar across the golf course in Spanish town of Alcaidesa

Rocking Gibraltar and Wrestling Monkeys

Still feeling the effects of a crazy travel week riding camels in Morocco, sleeping in Bedouin tent villages in the Sahara Desert and hanging out in the chaotic sprawling urban jungle called the Medina of Marrakech, Micki and I were on the mend in Seville and looking for our next family adventure. When we pulled up a map of the area, it became clear that there was one last place we needed to check out before we left this area of Spain behind us. Only 2 hours south was an iconic landmark that I had heard about since childhood and never really thought I'd ever see it in person. Gibraltar was calling and that meant two things, road trip and monkees!