A Dream Worth Striving For

From eating a croissant by the Eiffel Tower to climbing Mount Everest, every person has a secret dream of what they one day hope to accomplish. Mine is simple and attainable. So why is it going to take me a lifetime to achieve it?A hint, my dream is not a destination, it's a state of mind.
Bridge of the Americas by Nelson de Witt on Flickr

Dreaming Of The Panamanian Sun

As the snow threatens to fall, I've found myself dreaming of escaping to somewhere warm. Even for a short amount of time.Preferably somewhere with unlimited fruity drinks, a great buffet and fun dancing. But where could we go? Even more importantly, how would we get there?In the past we've traveled on every manner of plane, train and ship however we've never been on a cruise.So a great cruise for us would be something just a little different...