St Joseph Bay Gulf County Florida Kayaking

Dreaming of a Winter Vacation in Gulf County Florida

While it may be winter in Florida, a Gulf County Florida winter is definitely not the same as we have in Canada. With no snow, no cold, and only a relaxed way of life and warm weather, this is our wish list for visiting Gulf County Florida (GCFL), from the Dead Lakes to the Cape San Blas and Port St. Joe Marina.
Everglades Tortoise

Walk On The Wild Side: Discover The Everglades National Park

It seems that every year, we hear more bad news about the demise of the world's natural habitats. The words overpopulation, deforestation and extinction have become all too commonplace. We had a chance to explore the Everglades a couple of years ago, and came out of our experience with a deeper understanding of the diversity and importance of wetlands around the world.
Boardwalk near Caloosa Cove in the Florida Keys

Tickling The Florida Keys

Not really having a plan except knowing we wanted to spend some time in the southern states, we booked a cheap flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Miami, Florida. The weather was gorgeous and we were looking forward to North American style dining, shopping and ease of travel. It also didn't hurt that the local language was English again. At a minimum, the kids were definitely excited to be able to watch cartoons in English now.

After a few quiet days laying low and acclimatizing ourselves to the US, our wanderlust finally kicked back in. I hadn't been to Florida since I was in my mid teens and really didn't remember that much about it. One thing I do remember is that we didn't go any farther south than St. Petersburg. This trip I was adamant about seeing the Florida Keys and going for a hike in the Everglades.

We managed to rent a car and headed south for a few days of exploration. The kids and Micki were excited to see...