Silk Creamy Cashew Purple Power Smoothie

Easy Cashew Milk Smoothies for the Road

Worried you've eaten one too many croissants or ice cream cones on your travels? Feeling the need for some healthier treats while on the road?The four of us got busy in the kitchen whipping up a few yummy, healthy smoothies to go made with Silk's new cashew milk.
10 Cheap Delicious Dishes from South-East Asia

10 Cheap and Delicious Southeast Asian Dishes

There is something incredible about going to South-East Asian countries. Apart from their stunning landscapes, smiley local faces and beautiful UNESCO heritage sites you can explore, there is also the food - unique, flavored with various herbs and spices, healthy and extremely delicious! What is more, you can enjoy a great variety of Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian dishes at a very affordable prices, so if you are a budget foodie, you will find these travel destinations your food paradise on Earth. Read along to find 10 of the most delicious and affordable dishes in South East Asia...

Big Rock vs Sleemans

Oh Canada! The Joy of Going Home

It's been a long road these last six months.In that time we've been to ten countries and set foot on four continents.We've logged over 28,377 kilometers (or 17,632 miles for our American friends), as the crow flies.Now that we're back in Canada for the summer, it's time to get my Canadian on...