Abandoned superintendent's house at Tranquille Padova City Kamloops

Tranquille – A History In The Making

Dating back over 150 years, we look at the history and the story behind the place known locally as Tranquille. It is a journey of discovery for us as well as a look back for the thousands of people that have lived and worked there over the past century. Come along with us as we unearth its past and look to its future.
Produce at Tranquille Farm Fresh

Farmers Market, Food and Fun at Tranquille Farm Fresh

We stopped by Tranquille Farm Fresh in Kamloops, BC on a sunny fall day to sample their fresh produce, run through the corn maze and learn a little about history. We found what we came for, and much more. Tranquille Farm Fresh has a fascinating history, with roots in the gold rush, days as a former tuberculosis sanatorium, and even an incarnation as a mental institution...

Kamloops to Waikiki, a Mini Adventure in the Making

This winter we decided to make it a work season. We usually enjoy celebrating Canada's coldest season simply by not being here. Hockey lovers, skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, cross country skiing lovers and all those other winter pastime people are pretty much crazy in our minds. Sure, if you're stuck here anyway you should make the most of it and provided the weather is nice all of those can be quite enjoyable. We however, would much rather be just about anywhere else during the season of snowstorms, windchill warning days and "the greyness" as we like to call it.

Since we were trapped here for the winter and Micki's contract was scheduled until May we decided that a short warm vacation was in order. We never knew how much of an adventure we'd have before we even got on the plane though...

Vintage Map of the World

Preparations for Playa

We're now in full swing getting ready for our trip. Less than two weeks and we begin our first leg in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It's amazing how much work goes into planning a trip like this for our little family of four. There are vaccinations to get, storage for our truck and belongings, travel insurance, adding parking insurance to the truck, doctors, dentists and optometrists appointments, organizing our condo rental in Playa (we had to transfer US cash to an Italian couple's American bank account for a rental in Mexico from a Canadian bank... I get confused just reading that....), buying our plane tickets, checking visa requirements, letting our credit cards know we're gone, and on and on.