View over the bow on the Douro River in Porto

A Day Cruise on The Douro River in Porto, Portugal

The scent of the ocean always reminds me of carefree days hanging on the beach or cruising along in a boat, with the salt spray cooling my sun-warmed skin. Cruising along Porto's Douro River, with scents of the nearby ocean blasting fresh and brisk in my face, memories of passed ocean cruises came back to me.
EASYToll Dispenser

The Ultimate Guide to Toll Roads in Portugal. What Every Traveler Should Know.

After three weeks driving around Portugal, we thought we understood their toll system. Turns out we were wrong. Here's everything you need to know about Portugal's toll roads from the new, unmanned Electronic Tolls to the old Via Verde system. Make sure you read this if you're planning a trip to Portugal in the near future and plan on driving your own vehicle or renting a car while you're there.