The wide streets of Seville

Why the Best of Seville Isn’t In Your Guidebook

What comes to mind when you think of Seville? Before we set even foot in the city, Seville evoked orange blossoms, flamenco and amazing architecture. And while we did find all that, what we loved most about the city just can't be found in any guidebook. Read on to find out what captured our hearts in Seville.
Standing in front of the Plaza de Espana

Living Up To The Hype: Seville’s Plaza de España

Every traveler has spent time at over-hyped tourist attractions in their travels. Honestly, often a lot of the biggest attractions just don't live up to their hype. In a city filled with gorgeous, historic architecture, I was expecting Seville's Plaza de España to be a bit of a miss. Turns out I was wrong. Read on to see why the Plaza de España pleasantly surprised us.
Torreveija La Mata Beach

Torrevieja Spain: Not All Sunshine And Roses

Southern Spain has a well deserved reputation for lovely beaches, a rich Spanish culture, tapas, wine and warm weather. The squat apartment buildings driving into Torrevieja, Spain however, gave us our first hint that this town might not live up to what the brochures advertised.
Ibiza Torre de Sa Conillera by NemesisDesign

The Ultimate Guide To One Week In Ibiza

Ibiza is known by many names. The capital of clubbing in Europe, la isla blanca or the sun drenched jewel of the Mediterranean all fit the bill. However you know Ibiza, you can be sure that what you've heard doesn't even cover the half of it. Here's a seven day guide to all things Ibiza.
Walls of Avila, Spain

Walking the Cold Walls of Avila and Enjoying the Sunshine

From it's mountainous plateau, Avila, Spain is a sight to behold. With gigantic walls nearly a thousand years old, the city is a veritable fortress of churches and convents. It's also darn cold in February. Avila was the first stop on our road trip from Madrid to Portugal and the city didn't disappoint. Check out our take on it and wonder aloud with us what we were doing there in sub zero temperatures just one week after leaving the warm tropical beaches of Mexico.