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Black Friday – The Most Sordid Love Affair of Them All

Being a technology lover, in my mind there is truly no better day of consumerism than the yearly Black Friday sales. Thanksgiving be damned! The best fall holiday is surely the day after when millions of Americans burn their turkey ingested calories elbowing and shoving their way down the many congested aisles of the local brand name stores in search of the best deal.

You'd think that being a Canadian and living hours from the US border would be enough to lessen the impact of this yearly madfest of overabundant consumer greed. The problem is, you'd be wrong...

Tech We Like To Travel With

Tech We Love To Travel With

In this day and age, anyone that travels seems to be defined by what they bring (or don't bring) on their travels. As a result, this digital age has brought another term to the backpack scene: flashpacker. Flashpacking is simply backpacking with more technological toys. It also usually refers to travellers with a few extra dollars to spend while on the road. The term affluent is sometimes associated with it as well however in this day and age almost everyone has a few tech toys with them. As such I suppose you can call us flashpackers but in truth, I like to refer to us simply as travellers or even nomads since we tend to follow the seasons. Our little ones tell everyone we're Barefoot Nomads and to be honest, it puts a smile on my face every time they say it.When we first started seriously travelling back in '02 one of the first places we stopped was Singapore. At the time Singapore was said to be miles ahead of the West in terms in technology. It usually took a few months for products to show up in Canada and the US that were already collecting dust on the shelves in this Asian country. As such, we had decided to pick up both a digital camera and a new laptop while we were there. Though we were far from pioneers at the time, a traveller with a decent laptop was still a rare sight.These days, finding a serious traveller without a laptop is a rarity and digital cameras are cheap and plentiful. Some of the equipment the typical backpacker takes and uses could probably...