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End of Days in Playa Del Carmen And Where We’re Going Next

Since leaving Canada in early December we've been hanging out in the warm weather of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.In the past few months we've enjoyed gorgeous beaches, interesting ruins, fabulous meals, snorkeling with turtles, hanging out in ecoparks, lounging in swimming pools, riding on buses plus pretty much everything else you would get to do living at home. It's actually been low key compared to our previous trip, but we knew that coming in.We're only a few days from our flight to Spain. With the weather cooler there than what we're now used to it will be a wake up call once we set foot on the ground.We don't have a lot planned so far, however I'm expecting we'll spend a few days to a week checking out Madrid before heading south to warmer weather or maybe even west to Portugal. It should be a fun time regardless of where we end up and we're looking forward to traveling Europe with our little ones.
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Where’s Home for a Barefoot Nomad?

Where is home?

Is it a place? The house you grew up in? Where you keep your most treasured possessions?

Is it a country? Lines drawn on a map, forged by treaties and wars and negotiations?

Once, home was what I knew, what was familiar, what was nearby. The world was unknown, full of places I hadn't seen and unfamiliar people.

We've been on the road, off and on, for over ten years now. First as a couple hanging out in dodgy hostels and hanging off the back of tuk-tuks in Thailand, and now as a family with two little travelers leading the charge.

All those years have left an imprint: Home is a mosaic; a collection of places and people, tastes and sounds.