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What To Do With Your Vehicle When You Travel

When planning an extended trip, it seems there are always a million questions that need to answered. What a lot of people don't realize is that figuring out where to go, where to stay and how to get there are sometimes the easiest, if not the funnest, problems that need to be solved. Even before taking that first step to adventure, there are some serious questions that need to be addressed. Over the years, we've been asked multiple times what we do with our vehicle back home when we travel. From leaving it on a farm to keeping it in a garage to leaving it on a lot we've done it all. Here's a few ideas and the pros and cons of each...

prepare your home for when you're away for a business trip

Long Term Travel Storage: What We Do With Our Stuff While We’re Gone

As much as Charles and I would like to go whipping about the globe at a moment's notice, the reality of it is a bit different. Exactly two kids, a cat and a house full of stuff different.The kids? Easy. They come with us. The cat? A eight hour drive and he's rolling in catnip on Grandma's floor.But, our stuff is a bigger problem. What on earth do we do with all our stuff when we're on an extended trip? We've got some great tips for long term travel storage that have worked for us in the past.