Wat Arun by Mark Fischer on Flickr 800

8 Temples You Have To See in Thailand

Thailand is a country of natural landscapes perfectly combined with extraordinary architectural masterpieces and religious temples. Guest poster Alyssa James describes 8 amazing temples that shouldn't be missed next time you find yourself in beautiful Thailand.
Photo by Takashi Tomooka on Flickr

Meeting The Locals in Okinawa

If you've followed our blog for any length of time, you'll know that we love to kick back and hang with the locals. We've eaten at local, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, wandered around the back streets of dozens of cities and have made connections with people all across the globe.  That's what makes traveling so special. Okinawa Prefecture has just made a video with that as it's goal. It's called Meet The Locals.
10 Cheap Delicious Dishes from South-East Asia

10 Cheap and Delicious Southeast Asian Dishes

There is something incredible about going to South-East Asian countries. Apart from their stunning landscapes, smiley local faces and beautiful UNESCO heritage sites you can explore, there is also the food - unique, flavored with various herbs and spices, healthy and extremely delicious! What is more, you can enjoy a great variety of Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian dishes at a very affordable prices, so if you are a budget foodie, you will find these travel destinations your food paradise on Earth. Read along to find 10 of the most delicious and affordable dishes in South East Asia...
Charles and Micki in Ko Samui

Taking the Midnight Ferry to Ko Samui

Back in 2003, Micki and I had just taken our first steps towards a lifelong love of travel. We were only into our first few months of that first year long trip, however we were already documenting our travels for our family and friends back home. This post is taken from an old letter sent home talking about our adventure on the way to an overnight ferry to Ko Samui, Thailand.