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Things To Love Right Here In Calgary

Calgary's always been a special place for me. As we travel more and more, I've started to see my old hometown through new eyes and I thought I'd take a little time and introduce you to a few of the things that I think are so special about the city.
Moose Jaw Mac the Moose Moose on Highway

Moose Jaw – The City of Secrets

There's a city in the middle of the Canadian Prairies with a name that's hard to forget. Moose Jaw, in central Saskatchewan has a lot to live up to if it wants to be memorable for more than its name. Luckily, there's more than meets the eye in this small unassuming city. From hidden tunnels to a hidden oasis Moose Jaw is worth a stop on our trek across the Canadian Prairies. Come with us as we explore a few things it has to offer.

A Tour of Toronto’s Distillery District

From Istanbul to Toronto, we cross 7 time zones to join the herds at this years TBEX conference. What we don't realize about getting back to Canada is how diverse and multicultural Toronto is and that there are plenty of great things to see in this great Canadian City. Join us as we take a Segway tour around Toronto's beautifully preserved Distillery District and sample a few of the delicious things you can find there...
Big Rock vs Sleemans

Oh Canada! The Joy of Going Home

It's been a long road these last six months. In that time we've been to ten countries and set foot on four continents. We've logged over 28,377 kilometers (or 17,632 miles for our American friends), as the crow flies. Now that we're back in Canada for the summer, it's time to get my Canadian on...