Relaxing the Hot Pool at the Delta Residences at Sun Peaks

A Little Slice of Hot Tub Heaven at the Delta Residences at Sun Peaks

We love our hot tubs.

There's something wonderfully relaxing about sliding your tired body into steaming water, leaning your head back, and breathing in crisp, clean mountain air.

We were seriously in need of a getaway. We've been planning travel itineraries, booking rooms, and all the not-so fun things we need to do to prepare for a long trip.

So when we had a chance to visit the Delta Residences at Sun Peaks we jumped at the chance.

Abandoned superintendent's house at Tranquille Padova City Kamloops

Tranquille – A History In The Making

Dating back over 150 years, we look at the history and the story behind the place known locally as Tranquille. It is a journey of discovery for us as well as a look back for the thousands of people that have lived and worked there over the past century. Come along with us as we unearth its past and look to its future.
Produce at Tranquille Farm Fresh

Farmers Market, Food and Fun at Tranquille Farm Fresh

We stopped by Tranquille Farm Fresh in Kamloops, BC on a sunny fall day to sample their fresh produce, run through the corn maze and learn a little about history. We found what we came for, and much more. Tranquille Farm Fresh has a fascinating history, with roots in the gold rush, days as a former tuberculosis sanatorium, and even an incarnation as a mental institution...
Walking The Badlands Trail Dinosaur Provincial Park

Unique World Heritage Site You’ve Never Heard Of: Dinosaur Provincial Park

I imagine this is what the moon looks like; a landscape bleached and barren, rocks twisted and torn by an alien wind. The four of us stand motionless in the hot sun, sweat running down our backs, trying to make sense of the bizarre vista in front of us.

We're in the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park, nestled firmly in the grasslands of Canada's lonely prairies.

Cretaceous shale and sandstone are exposed in eerie, lunar formations wherever a rare stream slashes a deep cut into the parched soil. Each turn of our walk reveals more ...

Cottage Life with The Barefoot Nomad

Canadian Cottage Life – A Simple Vacation or Something More?

To say summer in Canada is a big thing is definitely an understatement. After months and months of cold weather, the average Canadian emerges in late Spring with a vigor unlike anything they've felt in the past eight months. There's a strange electricity in the air as everyone gets ready for a few great months of weather before the inevitable cold returns. As such, the majority of us tend to cram as many fair weather activities into our summers as humanly possible.

With that in mind we head to the prairies and cottage lake country where I find not only a healthy dose of back to nature enjoyment but also a reminder of the way I spent my youth...

Salmon Run of The Century Adams River

Adams River Salmon Run: Watching the Salmon Run of the Century in British Columbia

We were told this would be the most amazing salmon run in 100 years, but nothing prepared us for the incredible sight of British Columbia's Adams River teeming with thousands of crimson red Sockeye salmon thrashing and heaving their way upstream. Millions of salmon return to their spawning beds in the Adams River each year. Fighting their way from the Pacific ocean, the salmon swim 400 kms (250 miles) upstream, all to lay their eggs and die in the river they hatched from four years before. After all this, only one of 4,000 eggs lives to be an adult. Those that survive make their way to the Pacific, where they live until they repeat the cycle and return to the river four years later. It's not fully understood how the salmon navigate back to their river of birth. The photos are from the salmon run in 2010, which saw over 100 million salmon. This was the single largest salmon run of this century, dwarfing ...