Walls of Avila, Spain

Walking the Cold Walls of Avila and Enjoying the Sunshine

From it's mountainous plateau, Avila, Spain is a sight to behold. With gigantic walls nearly a thousand years old, the city is a veritable fortress of churches and convents. It's also darn cold in February. Avila was the first stop on our road trip from Madrid to Portugal and the city didn't disappoint. Check out our take on it and wonder aloud with us what we were doing there in sub zero temperatures just one week after leaving the warm tropical beaches of Mexico.

Madrid centro Daddy Carrying little girl

Fun Family Activities in Madrid

With nearly a week in Madrid to spend, I was a bit worried about what we'd find to do in the city with a seven and four year old. Would we be resigned to a week of checking out amusement parks and playgrounds, or is it possible to enjoy the art, architecture and history of a European city with kids in tow? Well, we definitely found out...

piggyback on the streets of Madrid

Driving through Spain and Portugal

After our warm winter months spent in Caribbean comfort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, we're now in beautiful Spain and Portugal. After time spent in Madrid, we've rented a car and are now road tripping through Portugal. Check out this quick post for what we've been up to the past few weeks.

chocolate con curros

I Want to Go with Oh to Barcelona

Have you ever felt like you just didn't fit in?I was born on the Canadian prairies, on a family farm. Chores at 6:00 am? Check. Winters so cold they'd freeze the icicles off a snowman? Check. Big, heavy breakfasts at the crack of dawn? Check again.For a night owl who hates the cold, this is a problem.And then I read about Spain, a country with a warm, Mediterranean climate, where they serve chocolate con churros for breakfast at 11 am, and where entire families start their evening meal at 10 pm.Now that's the kind of place where I'd fit in...