Corfu Beaches

Petty Larceny, Wanderlust and Dreaming of a Holiday in Corfu

I love dreaming about where to go on vacation.As a kid, I would flip for hours through glossy vacation brochures filled with scenes of sun-drenched beaches and smiling families until the pages went limp with use. Travel agents must have hated me. I was constantly nicking their magazines.Not much has changed, except I'm checking out pretty pictures online, instead of committing petty larceny against unsuspecting travel agents. I'm on a bit of a Southern Europe kick these days, and checking out the great beaches of islands like Corfu.Why Corfu? Corfu's a Greek island on the Ionian sea, dotted with pretty beaches and historic ruins. It sounds like a wonderful place to...
Turkish Ice Cream Vendor

Who Wants to Fly to Turkey for Ice Cream?

People visit Turkey for many reasons: The thriving culture, sparkling sapphire seaside, world famous healing spas and amazing historical sites. It's a unique, vibrant country where a rich Middle Eastern culture meets the Western world.But enough of that. We want to go there for the ice cream. Here's why ...
Torre-del-Porticciolo Sardinia Walking Tour of Sardinia

Why Sardinia is a Perfect Walking Destination

Picking the perfect walking destination is all about finding somewhere that matches your interests and ability level. With its variety of hiking opportunities, balmy climate and historical attractions, Sardinia is somewhere that really does have a wide appeal.

One of the first things that makes Sardinia ideal for walking holidays is its beautiful Mediterranean climate. Typically, the weather is warm and mild in March, April and May, becoming hot throughout June, July and August and then beginning to cool again.

World Museum at Liverpool Photo by Ρilgrim on Flickr

Getaway During Half Term with the Kids: Liverpool

During the half term holiday, it can be hard to find things to occupy your children. If you want to go away for a few days over the school break, a bustling city like Liverpool has ample activities for you and your family to enjoy and stay busy.

Liverpool offers a lot of activities to keep the kids busy, including rock climbing, city farms, haunted walking tours, a footballer's museum, art galleries and the World Museum.