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Family Travel with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

Gearing Up For A Family Trip?

Flying with family is no simple task. Getting everyone packed, organized and ready to go through security with little fuss can present quite a challenge. Thankfully, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has a few pointers to help make your summer travel experience run smoothly.
Our Family Travel Bucket List

What’s on our Family Travel Bucket List?

Like so many people, we keep a bucket list. Ours is constantly changing, as new adventures catch our eye, and as completed dreams are checked off. It seems for every one we check off, two more get added to the list so, before it becomes unmanageable, here are  50 items at the top of our family bucket list.
Family Luggage

2 Kids, 6 Bags And a Flat Mule: Baggage Woes!

Luggage, every traveler's bane and many traveler's only worldly possession. Do you own it or does it own you? I take a quick peak at how our luggage has evolved from our simple backpacking days 10 years ago up until we had kids and then the mountain of bags we traveled with right after. As the kids get older, is there hope on the horizon for us? I hope so....