Travel Philosophy

From letting it all go to getting the most out of any moment, we discuss our philosophies on travel, family and coping with life.


A Dream Worth Striving For

From eating a croissant by the Eiffel Tower to climbing Mount Everest, every person has a secret dream of what they one day hope to accomplish. Mine is simple and attainable. So why is it going to take me a lifetime to achieve it? A hint, my dream is not a destination, it's a state of mind.
Devils Marbles Australia

Where’s Home for a Barefoot Nomad?

Where is home?

Is it a place? The house you grew up in? Where you keep your most treasured possessions?

Is it a country? Lines drawn on a map, forged by treaties and wars and negotiations?

Once, home was what I knew, what was familiar, what was nearby. The world was unknown, full of places I hadn't seen and unfamiliar people.

We've been on the road, off and on, for over ten years now. First as a couple hanging out in dodgy hostels and hanging off the back of tuk-tuks in Thailand, and now as a family with two little travelers leading the charge.

All those years have left an imprint: Home is a mosaic; a collection of places and people, tastes and sounds.

Travel Paralysis Signpost Directions

Travel Paralysis: Problem Deciding On Your Next Adventure?

With a million possible places to see and visit, deciding on your next destination can sometimes be overwhelming. We've put off visiting certain places for far too long and are slowly coming to grips with the reality that our desire to see and explore everything the world has to offer isn't possible in one lifetime. We're conquering our travel paralysis and making plans. Here's a few tips for any of you in the same predicament...