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Wildlife Conservation Volunteer in Madagascar by Frontier Official on Flickr

How To Travel For Free And Save The World: Crowdfunding

While traveling the world and visiting distant lands is a dream many of us have, it can feel completely unobtainable at times. Usually, the biggest stumbling block is money, or rather,  the lack of it. That's where crowdfunding comes in. But why would a random stranger want to donate money towards your dream holiday of relaxing on the beach in a tropical paradise? Well, they probably wouldn't. However, if you're planning to do some genuine good for others on your trip, you just may be able to use crowdfunding to help fund your travels. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Cruise ship deck by Peter Dedina

Is A Cruise For You? Some Tips To Help You Decide

We've been on dozens of ships over the years. That said, we've never been on a cruise. That said, there's always been something very appealing about sailing around in the Caribbean and eating great meals. But somehow, over our years of travel, a cruise has somehow slipped further and further from our travel to do list. But recently, I've heard some great things about cruises from many of our traveling friends. It's got me thinking, and doing some research into why a cruise may make sense for us. Here are some of our favorite reasons why a cruise might be worth a try...

Plane St Martaan by Rutger Geerling

20 Helpful Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Trip From Top Travel Bloggers

If anyone knows about how to get the most out of travel, it's a travel blogger. Travel bloggers spend a good chunk of their lives on the road, searching out great (and not so great) destinations, and sharing their finds with their online readers. In an earlier post, some of the world's best travel bloggers gave us the insider secrets to getting ready for a great trip.This time, we asked them to share their best tips for having a great vacation once you've left on your trip. We've been traveling regularly for over 10 years together, and some of these tips were even new to us. Check them out.