Anguilla Facts: 20 Things You Need to Know About Anguilla

After spending a few days in Anguilla, I walked away smitten with the island’s sunny beaches, great food, and reputation for amazing reggae vibes, not to mention the ever-present open WiFi signal at every restaurant.

The island’s only a stone’s throw from St. Martaan in the Carribean, and a British overseas territory lined with gorgeous beaches and white sand.

Wondering what Anguilla is best known for? Let’s discover 20 things you need to know about Anguilla.

Anguilla Facts: 20 Things You Need to Know About Anguilla

It’s pronounced Anne-gwilla (rhymes with vanilla).

There are 33 beaches; most are soft white sand, and they’re all beautiful.

Anguilla beach shack
Beach shack on the Caribbean island of Anguilla

Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean.

The language is spoken most widely on the island is English.

Only about 14,000 people live here, with a rich history and culture dating back to the Arawaks, who traveled to the island from South America as far back as 3,500 years ago.

Chuck Norris once lived here, in a mansion overlooking the ocean.

There are no shopping malls, cruise ships, casinos, or high rise hotels on the island. Instead, you’ll find locally owned boutiques and shops run by local residents.

It’s small – 16 miles long by three miles wide. That said, you’ll probably still want to get around by car or bike.

There are no private beaches on Anguilla. All beaches are open to the public.

Goats are everywhere on the island. They’re on the hillsides, on the roads (be careful when driving), and even on the front lawns of most resorts.

The capital is called The Valley, and has 600 residents. If you’re looking for cheap eats, you’ll find them at the street market in The Valley.

Vegetarian lunch at Sandy Island Anguilla
Vegetarian lunch on Sandy Island Anguilla

Anguilla has long been a low key vacation spot for celebrities like Liam Neeson, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia di Rossi, and Sandra Bullock. It’s no wonder, in addition to its natural beauty, there’s are plenty of things to do in Anguilla.

There are less than 20 hotels on the island (plus a few Airbnb listings and bed & breakfasts).

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Anguilla CuisinArt Resort and Spa
Anguilla CuisinArt Resort

There are no direct international flights to the island, so you’ll need to get fly into Puerto Rico or St. Maarten, and take the 20 minute ferry ride from St. Maarten.

You’ll need a valid passport and onward or return ticket to visit.

You can use both USD and ECD (Eastern Caribbean dollars) almost everywhere.

There’s no public transport, so you’ll need to take a taxi or rent a car, or rely on hotel shuttle transportation.

The beach at Anguilla Great House

Cars drive on the left, and the the speed limit is 30 mph.

Anguilla was named after the Spanish word for eel, because of its eel-like shape.

There’s a $20 USD departure tax whether you leave by plane or boat, and it’s cash only, so make sure you have some on hand!

20 things you need to know about Anguilla

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