Win $150 of Free Accommodation with Roomorama

This contest is now closed, but we do plan on having more contests in the near future!

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It was a tough call, however, Larissa from Changes in Latitude edged out the competition and snagged the extra entries for our favorite comment. Larissa, great use of the word fracking!

Without any further ado. Here are the contest winners.

First Place prize of $100 in Roomorama Accommodation Credits goes to Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings!

Second Place prize of $50 in Roomorama Accommodation Credits goes to Larissa from Changes in Longitude!

Thanks to all our entrants and especially Roomorama for helping us set this up. It was a fun way to kick off our European adventure and we look forward to sharing more prizes with everyone in the coming months!


For the last few months, we’ve been yearning for churros con chocolate for breakfastTurkish ice creamGreek appetizers and walks along the Italian seashore. And now it’s almost here.

We’re headed to Europe for the very first time as a family this month! No firm itinerary. No must do lists. Just the four of us, and a continent to explore.

But why should we have all the fun?

To celebrate our European adventures we’ve teamed up with the folks at Roomorama to give away $150 of accommodation credits. 

What is this wonderful and mysterious Roomorama creature, you ask?

Just one of the best websites for short term apartment rentals in the whole internet. As a family, we love renting condos and apartments. We can usually get a stylish apartment with a separate bedroom or two with a full kitchen (and free WiFi!) for less than the cost of a hotel room. Check out this beauty in Madrid, our first stop.

Roomorama Madrid Apartment

Apartment in Madrid’s Gran Via for $108/night

There are two prizes up for grabs:

Open to: 18+, Worldwide

Giveaway period: Starts at 12:00 am on February 12th, 2013 and continues until 12:00 am on March 5th, 2013. All times are Eastern.

So how do you enter? It’s easy.

See the Rafflecopter widget below?

To enter, all you have to do is log in to the widget by email or Facebook and leave us a comment on this site telling us where you’d like to stay if you win.

Check out the other options as well to earn more chances at winning a prize.

*If the rafflecopter form doesn’t appear, please wait a minute for it to load.

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And just for fun… 

We’ll be giving an extra 15 entries to the comment that our esteemed and educated judges (Ha! that would be the four of us) find the most inspiring, funniest or just plain silliest.

Be creative. Have fun!

Not sure what to say?

Here’s a hint:  Outrageous flattery and references to ice cream, superheroes, coffee or kitten videos are all a good way to get our attention. If you can somehow make use of the words frack, mega, monkey or banana then all the better. 🙂

So… go ahead. You know you want to…


27 Responses

  1. Travel with Bender (Erin)

    The great barefoot nomads who we are so blessed to have met and used all their wealth of knowledge on Playa. There is only one place where MEGA ice-cream can be found. There may be no MONKEYS, but hopefully there will still be loads of BANANAS FRACK. What the hell is FRACK? Anyway I hate COFFEE & KITTENS so we won’t be needing that, but if I could win a credit from Roomorama I’d be going straight to a stay in Italy! That would make you a SUPERHERO in my eyes 😀 And who doesn’t love a superhero? 😀 Please help me get to Italy, I need it! Then we could catch up again 😀

  2. Bethaney - Flashpacker Family

    Great idea for a competition. I’m always looking for new sites for holiday apartment porn. I have a serious problem when it comes to always looking at apartments in wonderful European cities or gorgeous out of the way destinations!

  3. pointsandtravel

    Frick and frack over hear are in a sentimental mood and would love to win this mega contest, as long as we can bring along our pet Monkey who is bannanas over going to Europe for a week. Fun contest!

  4. Laurel

    Now that I am retired I can finally travel with bananas for a snack and wouldn’t it be amazing to stay at an apartment inn say Tuscany!! Not sure if I’d see a monkey there but frack it would be lovely to enjoy the wine!

  5. Sofie

    I’m planning a trip to Portugal this summer and a Roomorama budget would come in very handy for that!
    Seems like a perfect opportunity to try them out:)

  6. Fives OnTheFly

    We’re retracing the route of our honeymoon as we camp throughout Nova Scotia this summer with the kids, so we would love a little luxury in Halifax.

  7. Steph |

    Our friends here in Colombia just got engaged!! They are having their wedding this June in Cartagena. For the first time in over a year, we would just love to forgo the budget hostels and give ourselves a break with a lovely stay in beautiful apartment for this special weekend (it’s my boyfriends’ lifelong friend getting married…the first of his group of friends!). $150 would go a long way here and may even pay for the whole weekends accommodation!! We also love bananas and monkeys! And Cartagena really does have the best ice-cream shop in all of Colombia! 😀 Pretty, pretty please, pick meeee (well, us!)

  8. Tara G

    I would use it in Europe when we go this summer, probably in Greece or Italy……where we will eat bananas every morning while walking the streets since there are no monkeys to steal them from us 🙂

  9. The Weekend Traveller

    I recently got my Dutch nationality and my passport so I can finally travel to the United Kingdom without a visa. I would love to win a free accommodation in London. If I win, I will book a ticket right away and fly to London for the first time so I can finally wave my new passport to those immigration people who gave me the hardest time and most expensive visa fees in my visits to the UK. Thanks.

  10. Cat of Sunshine and Siestas

    I may be biased, but you can totally come to Seville in Room-o-Rama and we’ll let you stay at our casa-o-rama (there are loads of dogs and a pedestrian plaza for the kids) and we’ll use the credit for a romantic night at the gorgeous hotel across from our favorite little bar. Don’t worry, we shall take you all out for ice cream at Rayas in the center as a consolation prize.

  11. Larissa

    You are SO BRILLIANT to have this contest! I salute you, oh great and powerful BAREFOOT-NOMAD-MAN and BAREFOOT-NOMAD-WOMAN!!

    I would like to MONKEY around in Istanbul. I’d go BANANAS exploring the MEGA-selection ICE CREAM at the Spice Market and Grand Bazaar, and it would be fun to haggle over prices of rugs that could be used as SUPERMAN capes. Afterward, I would sit in a cafe for the afternoon, sipping Turkish COFFEE and taking VIDEOS of all the FRACKING KITTENS running around the neighborhood.

    By the way, did I mention that you guys have the SUPER-EST, BEST-EST, BAREFOOT-EST blog on the internet? Oh, yeah, and YOU ROCK!!! 🙂

  12. Janine

    I’d go to Lyon, France. The IPC is holding the World Championships there in July and I’m going to go and cheer on my Para-athletes!

  13. Reena @ Wanderplex

    Great idea for a giveaway. I love staying in an apartment when traveling – so much more space and I love being able to save money by having a kitchen (even if it’s just to grab some cereal/toast in the morning).

  14. Heidi @WagonersAbroad

    Hey there! we too usually rent apartments, but I didn’t know about roomorama. We would use it in Prague! I here there is a drunken Monkey bar there. Hey we could order a Mega Banana Margarita! Thanks for the chance.

  15. Sofie

    Jippieeee!!!!!!!!!! Roomorama credits!
    Great to have my first experience with them.
    Thanks soooooo much guys!

  16. Larissa

    Awww, shucks! I’m flattered that you like my shameless flattery 🙂

    Now off to the Roomarama website!

  17. Grace C. Sansbury

    Love this post and love the interior of that home wanna purchase one kind of that.