Where’s Home for a Barefoot Nomad?

Where is home?

Is it a specific place? The house you grew up in? The room you keep your most treasured possessions?

Is it a circle of friends and family? A group of people that support and give you strength?

Is it a country? Lines drawn on a map, forged by treaties and wars and negotiations?

Micki in a Hammock in Ko Lanta Thailand

Home in a hammock

Once, home was what I knew, what was familiar, what was nearby. It was a place of comfort and security. Back then the outside world was unknown, full of places I hadn’t seen and unfamiliar people.

We’ve been on the road, off and on, for over ten years now. First as a couple hanging out in dodgy hostels and hanging off the back of tuk-tuks in Thailand, and now as a family with two little travelers leading the charge.

All those years have left an imprint: Home is a mosaic; a collection of places and people, tastes and sounds.

Home is our one room bamboo hut overlooking the beach in Ko Lanta, Thailand.

Home is putting up our feet on the balcony overlooking our private waterfall in Bukit Lawang, Indonesia.

Feet up on our balcony Bukit Lawang waterfall

Private waterfall in the jungle – $15 USD a night

Home is the beautiful, bizarre landscapes of the Devil’s Marbles in Australia.

Devils Marbles Australia

Devils Marbles at Sunset

Most of all, home is where our bare feet take us.

Family in a Tree


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Here’s one more for the road – one of my favorite travel songs, Send Me on my Way, by Rusted Root.

Where is home for you?



11 Responses

  1. Venkat Ganesh @ India Backpack Motorbike

    As someone who’s only started travelling indefinitely over the past year I have already started having some questions similar to your’s. Another intense debate that goes on in my head is what makes a person an Englishman or a Turk or Thai or an Indian for that matter. Although I have never stepped out of India, with the amount of diversity it offer, I really question whether someone can be called Indian for that matter. May be these questions will remain unanswered. But that should not stop one from having all the fun possible.

    That waterfall picture is a heart stealer!

    • Micki Kosman

      Venkat – Those are such great questions. The more I travel, the more I see that the concept of countries is such a flimsy one – a country is often an arbitrary political thing, created by politicians and borders. People and culture are so much more fluid and interesting than any line drawn on a map.

  2. Susan

    So exciting for you all as family to have a “home” like you do. Wonderful post. I love all the photos too. So enticing. And I thought that song was by “The Talking Heads” all these years. They sound just like David Byrne!

  3. Micki Kosman

    Susan, thanks so much for coming by and the kind words. Funny, I’ve been listening to the Rusted Root song for years, and never noticed – it does sound EXACTLY like the Talking Heads, doesn’t it?

  4. Kristin of Be My Travel Muse

    I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this very question. I think my answer is I’m still searching for it. It’s not the place I left, where I packed up all my things and promised myself I wouldn’t return for a while. I know that much for sure.

    • Micki Kosman

      Kristin, home is such a strange concept for me these days… Right now, I’m just so happy to wander and explore. That may change, and I may find myself wanting a place to hang my hat, but for now it feels wonderful to be able to wander.

    • Micki Kosman

      Tracey – Australia’s such a beautiful place. We’re actually thinking of taking our kiddos and driving down the west coast, as we missed that side of the country on our first visit.

  5. gabi klaf

    i love your look at life micki. my turn to tell you how lovely your ways to expressing, finding the right mix of hammock, desert and tree to express who/where/why this is home right now. barefoot feet take you home, i like, i like a lot.


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