Capture the Color: Our Favorite Photos From The Road

A little while ago our friends at Travel With Kevin and Ruth nominated us to take part in the the Capture the Colour Photo Contest put on by Travel Supermarket. The concept is simple: write a post showcasing travel photographs that best capture the color of five categories: red, blue, green, yellow and white.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from our last trip through Mexico, Portugal, Greece and Morocco.

We took these photos with our rugged, waterproof point and shoot Canon D20, with our two little cuties tugging at our heels.


We came across the Porto Cathedral (Sé do Porto in Portuguese) when walking the winding streets of Porto, Portugal. As we wandered by, a bride came out and stood at the entrance, looking over the city. I wonder what she was thinking?

Bride on steps of Cathedral Se Porto Portugal black and white
Bride on the steps of Sé do Porto


This was taken from the seat of our horse-drawn carriage (calesa) in the Mexican town of Izamel. Izamel is named the yellow city for the yellow paint on all of it’s public (and many private) places. Under the Mexican sun, the yellow seems to glow and shimmer in the heat.

Izamal Yellow City by Calesa Colonial houses
Izamal’s yellow houses by calesa


As we walked through the ancient ruins of Kos, Greece, I was struck with how overgrown and wild they’d become. Wild poppies and other wildflowers sprouted everywhere and honeybees buzzed about. This photo was taken at the Kos Castle.

Wild Poppies at Kos Castle Greece
Wild Poppies at Kos Castle


Morocco is still home to many nomadic tribes that subsist off of the land. We took this photo of Berber blankets lying out to dry in the sun as we drove through the Atlas Mountains on our way back to our riad in Marrakech.

Berber Laundry out to dry in Morocco
Berber laundry out to dry in Morocco


This is one of my favorite photos, taken as Charles and Jordan walked by the sea below the Temple of Ixchel in Isla Mujeres (the island of women) in Mexico.

Daddy and Little Girl Walking by Ocean in Mexico
Where are we going, Daddy?
Hope you enjoyed!
Now, it’s our turn to nominate five blogs for the Capture the Color Contest.
  • Travel With Bender. I’m in awe of how far Erin and Josh and their little family have traveled over the past year, including Mexico, Turkey and Israel.
  • Wagoners Abroad. Heidi and Alan write a fantastic blog about life as an expat family in Spain and their travels through the rest of Europe.
  • The Professional Hobo. Written by a fellow Canadian, Nora dispenses great advice about how to make long term travel work financially.
  • Matt Gibson. Another fellow Canadian, Matt’s adventure travel has been featured in the Huffington Post and USA Today.
  • Hole In The Donut. Barbara’s unique take on cultural travel makes for a great read.
Watch their blogs for their entries. All five of our nominations take some amazing photos, so I’m expecting some great stuff!