Capturing Precious Fall Moments with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1

To say that it’s been a busy few weeks would be an understatement. With winter quickly approaching, we’ve been trying to see and enjoy fall in the interior of British Columbia before the snow flies.

Now that we have our new Canon EOS Rebel SL1, we thought it would be a perfect chance to put this little DSLR camera through its paces.

See the prices and details here.

While falling in love with our new camera, we’ve visited a pumpkin patch and petting zoo with some friends and their kids, walked around the park by Okanagan Lake, hiked along Mission Creek, visited a few wineries and even just taken in the fall colors at our local playground.

There’s a lot to love about this camera, but our absolute favorite thing about it was how fast the shutter was compared to our favorite point and shoot camera. Even with our little ones on the move the images were always nice and crisp.

Little girl portrait with Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Jordan geared up for winter

Cole in the setting sun Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Cole in the setting sun

Since we’re always on the move, we like to keep our gear as light as possible. That said, we love how lightweight this camera is (not only is the Canon SL1 the smallest DSLR in the world, it’s also lighter than a water bottle). In the past we’ve had to trade off portability for quality. With the SL1 that’s no longer the case.

See the prices and details here.

We also love how much fun it is to play with some of the different shooting modes. It totally blows away our favorite point and shoot camera in features. The nice part is that it also does a great job on auto if we don’t have time to compose the shot properly. With kids, that’s a huge plus in our mind.

When we showed the camera to our friends they loved its size and asked more than once for a copy of a picture we just took. They couldn’t believe how clear the pictures were.

Boy feeding a little donkey at the petting zoo Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Cole getting up close at the petting zoo

Minion just hanging around at the pumpkin patchCanon EOS Rebel SL1

Minion just hanging around at the pumpkin patch

Cole (being the little gamer that he is) absolutely loved playing with the touch screen. He loved the touch shutter option so much that he decided to take all his photos just by tapping the touch screen.

We liked how all the camera settings were right there on the screen if we didn’t want to use the traditional buttons. Quickly being able to set the focal point of a shot (like on the Minion and not Jordan in the background) was a huge plus.

We also had a little fun playing with the macro mode, which lets you take fantastic closeups. We’re definitely looking forward to taking more shots of all the delicious meals we enjoy on our travels and the fact that this camera also has a dedicated food picture setting is going to mean a lot more food pictures on this blog in the future.

Pink rose in the sunlight Mission Hill winery Canon Rebel SL1

Using the macro to capture one of fall’s last roses

Sunlight through a leaf Kelowna fall Canon Rebel SL1

Holding up a leaf against the fading sun

A handful of nuts in the fall Canon Rebel SL1

Squirrel bounty!

Probably the nicest thing about getting this camera is that it’s helped cement why we’re currently in the Okanagan in the first place. No matter which way you turn you’re surrounded by lush countryside, lakes, mountains, vineyards, orchards and beaches.

Canada in the fall is always a gorgeous country to be in, but we’re happy that we’re right here, right now in beautiful British Columbia.

Being able to photograph it in all its glory is just icing on the cake. 🙂

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Mission Creek Kelowna bridge family

Hanging out at Mission Creek

For any of you who were wondering, all of the photos in the post were completely unedited (other than being resized to fit this page and cropped a bit), so the colors and clarity are exactly what you’ll see straight out of the camera. You can find out more about the Rebel SL1’s features here at Canon’s site.

Disclosure: Canon Canada supplied us with a Rebel SL1 and lenses for our personal use. As usual, all opinions are completely our own.

See the prices and details here.

In the mood for some more fall photos? Check out the gallery below.

43 Responses

  1. Karen

    Your pictures are beautiful. I’ve been wanting one of these cameras for a long time. Someday I hope to have one!

  2. Chrishelle

    My husband is drooling for a Canon EOS Rebel. I think it will be his Christmas present this year. He is my blog photographer. So I guess it would also be a business investment.

  3. LaShawn

    Oh I wanted this camera! it would be the perfect travel camera and all of my lenses that i use with my 7D would work with it!

  4. Amanda Ripsam

    I used to have a cannon power shot 10xis but I used it so often I fried the motherboard I had it for 5 years. I am in depeperate need of a new one. I am in love with the rebel cameras. you took some really good shots.

  5. vhincent

    Wonderful shot, if this are all unedited its well money spent 🙂 don’t have any DSLR yet hopefully we can include it in our wish list soon.

  6. Karisa

    Lovely post and lovely photos. I’m in the market for a new camera and this just might be the one for me! I love that it is small, light weight and portable <3

  7. Kristi @dragonflytweet

    I just stumbled on your blog and I am so impressed and in awe. I have been on the road for almost 200 running in half marathons across the US… and I’m supposed to end next week. I want to continue and didnt know others were doing this. Your photos brought me in, but I sure hope we can connect!

  8. Mimi

    Please, if you will, say something ANYTHING that would fall under a “Con” about the camera for us out here that truly are interested in buying it. You are given the camera to tell us about, right? So, please do. Your article “45 Great jobs….While Traveling the World…”, an article you either did or didn’t get paid to write, could accurately add to its title “…and why you should not try each one.” Nothing is perfect, so, we try and choose things with the least amount of imperfections. Just sayin..

    • Charles Kosman

      Hi Mimi. I can understand your desire for finding something not to love about this camera however this post was never intended to be a technical breakdown of the camera. We’re also not professional photographers and we don’t have dozens of DSLR cameras or years of experience to tell you about it’s chrome aberration or focus abilities. There are dozens of other sites out there that have done that already and the interesting thing is, the camera is still highly rated on all of them.

      After owning it for a few months now, I can tell you a few cons that people might find. If you have large hands, I can see the grip being a little small. I have average sized hands and the grip feels great to me so that isn’t a con for either of us. I also think a WiFi option would have been great so I could easily grab a few pictures from it on the go. We’re considering picking up an Eye-Fi card just for that reason. Finally, an in camera panoramic mode would have been nice as well so we could take panoramic shots on the go as opposed to doing it in post processing.

      Besides for those, the fact remains this is the best camera we’ve ever owned. We love that it’s small, fast, takes great pictures and is easy to use for us non professionals. If you have a problem with that verdict you’re welcome to your own.

      As to our 45 jobs post, it was definitely not a paid or sponsored post and at over 3000 words it took a lot of time to compile that list. If you have a problem with any of the jobs you don’t have to do them. It was simply created to help give others some ideas of what they can do on the road.

      As to your search for perfection, Leo Tolstoy summed it up nicely I think. “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” Just saying..

  9. Terri

    Did you use the lens that came with the camera? Or something different? I just got this camera and didn’t know about getting a second lens.

    • Charles Kosman

      Hi Terri. When we wrote this post, there were different camera packages available. The one we got included the pancake lens and the standard one. You probably bought the one with the single lens. Not sure the pancake lens is even offered with the camera anymore however you can purchase it separately. It’s a great all around lens, however you can’t zoom in with it so it’s limited to what you see is what you get.


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