What To Do With Your Pets When You Go On Vacation

As the owners of a loving, older cat and former dog owners, we know all too well the hassle of trying to figure out what to do with our pet while we travel.

Whether you’re gone a week or six months there are three main options for your pet when you’re on vacation. You can have someone take care of your pet in your house, have your pet go to someone else’s place or take your pet with you. What you do with them depends on how long you’re traveling, how much money you’re willing to spend and how much you trust others to take care of your extended family.

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Nova dreaming of her next adventure…

Keep your pet at home when you travel

For us, keeping our cat at home and hiring a pet sitter works well for short trips. We’ve asked a neighbor to watch over him in the past, but as our friends get busier with kids and work, it’s become more of an imposition, so we find it easier to hire someone.

Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

The main disadvantage of hiring a sitter is that it can be a bit costly. $20 per visit is fairly standard, which can add up over longer trips. Professional sitters are generally very dependable (but check references carefully) and they know how to take care of animals. Our pet sitter even has Pet First Aid training and is insured and bonded. Pet sitters generally visit once a day for cats and twice for dogs.

Note – while they’re not necessarily professional, we know a lot of folks who’ve had great luck finding a home and pet sitter with Trusted Housesitters.

Check sitters available on Trusted Housesitters here.

We went the professional pet sitter route for shorter trips before our beloved older kitty passed away. We found a sitter we adored, and it was wonderful to know our senior kitty was in great hands whenwe were away. She would stop by our home a couple of times a day to play with him, feed him, and would even send us texts with photos of how he was doing.

Tip: If you happen to need a pet sitter in Kelowna, BC, Canada, we used Nicole at Four Pawz Pet Services as our sitter. She was fantastic.

Ask a Neighbor, Friend or Family Member

This is usually the cheapest option, and is especially good if your pet is familiar with their sitter. If you ask a neighbor or a friend who lives nearby, they can probably come more often than a paid professional. The downside is that if your sitter sees it more as a favor than a job, they might not be as responsible as someone that is being paid.

If you want to make their job a little easier, consider getting an automatic water fountain or food dispenser for your pet.

Check prices and info on Amazon for the PETKIT pet water fountain

Want to stream your favorite shows when you travel? It’s annoying when we can’t access country-based websites when we travel.

To get around this, we use a VPN when we travel. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be set up on a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. It protects your privacy when on public Wi-Fi, and even lets you stream your favorite TV shows from home.

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Find a House Sitter

House sitters usually live full time in your house, so your pets theoretically get the same care you would give them. Pets get constant supervision and attention.

Because a house sitter lives in your house while you’re away, you would need to be comfortable with them having full access to your things. This is generally an affordable option, as you’re trading accommodation for pet care, though some pet sitters are paid extra. Probably the most well known and largest place to find house and pet sitters is through Trusted Housesitters.

Check sitters available on Trusted Housesitters here.

We’ve also heard good things about Housecarers.

Check availability and prices here.

Advantages of leaving your pet at home:

  • Your pet is in their familiar setting (especially good for cats)
  • There’s no danger of damaging other people’s things
  • Food, toys, yard, cage, etc. are already set up and your pet already knows the lay of the land
  • No other animals to compete or fight with
  • Your pets can eat the same foods as usual and can keep up with their daily routine
  • The people looking after your pets can also watch the house for you (taking in mail, cleaning walkways, turning on lights, etc.) to give the appearance that someone is home
  • You can just leave the keys and go


  • Animals can get lonely if no one is around all day
  • There’s a greater danger of missed feedings or walks
  • There’s a greater chance of accidents on the floors
  • Animals will always be on the lookout for you, which could lead to stress in some animals
  • Unfamiliar care takers may get attacked when arriving – especially true with hamsters and turtles 😉
Sleeping Tabby Cat
Life was good for our sweet Cosmo …

Have your pet taken care of outside your home

Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

Many pet sitters will also take care of your animal in their own home. A pet sitter usually has a few pets staying with them already, which can provide companionship for your pet. A Pet Sitter will understand the risks of bringing a new animal into their home and typically knows how to care for them. Depending on the size of their business they could have dedicated kennels or live with them as part of their family.

Ask a Neighbor, Friend or Family Member

While we traveled, our cat Cosmo stayed with Micki’s mom. He enjoyed all that Grandma’s cat spa had to offer, including a daily brushing, all the Temptations cat treats he could eat, lounging in the sun and chasing mice through the tall grass. Two words – Cat Heaven. We usually had to beg him to come back home with us. 🙂 Cosmo passed away a little while ago at age 20, but it was wonderful to know he was in good hands when we were gone.

Because your pet might already be familiar with the place and the person, this can be a great option, especially if your animal already knows your sitter and their pets. Because you already know them, trust shouldn’t be an issue. This may be the cheapest option if you want to have your animal cared for outside your own home.

Leave them at a Kennel, Boarding Facility or Pet Hotel

A professional service should be knowledgeable about animals and how to take care of them. These services have the facilities and staff already equipped to take good care of your pet. However, your pet may be kept in a cage for longer than you’d like. That said, there are some wonderful boarding facilities out there. Make sure you check references and even consider leaving your pet for a short trial run. There are tons of dog boarding kennels in almost every large center however a lot of them also take cats and other pets.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Did What?: 101 Amazing Stories

Have them Stay at your Local Vet

A lot of veterinarians have a boarding service with round the clock animal care. This can be an ideal situation if your pet has medical issues or if you’re concerned for their health care. A lot of vets work out of animal hospitals and have the facilities to take in your pet regardless if it’s a dog, cat, bird or turtle.

Find a Volunteer

Asking a volunteer to help take care of your pet is an affordable option, as you’ll usually only need to cover food and supplies, though a small stipend may also be appreciated. You may be able to find a volunteer to take care of your pet through shelters and the humane society. Volunteers have a definite love of animals and your pet will likely have the companionship of a few other animals in their care.

Advantages of having someone take care of your pet outside your home

  • Your pet will most likely be around people and other animals more often
  • Dedicated walks and playtime
  • New areas to explore to see
  • Less chance of loneliness (house sitter excluded)


  • Unfamiliar areas could give your pet stress
  • Possible issues with other animals (other cats and alpha dogs especially)
  • Your pet could be kept in a cage or area you’re uncomfortable with for long stretches
  • You’ll need to drop off and pick the animals up

Take your pet with you

Taking your pet with you may be a good option if you’re traveling by motorhome or car, or if you’re planning to stay in one place for a long time. Be careful with border requirements for pets entering a new country. Some countries, like England, have long quarantine periods for animals entering the country. Other countries are less strict, and only require proof of vaccinations and a certificate of good health from a veterinarian.

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Make sure you can trust whoever is taking care of your pet. Whether it’s a business or a professional sitter you don’t know, always ask for referrals. If your pet is staying somewhere else, ask to look around the place to get an idea of how clean it is and how well the other pets are being cared for. If possible, take your pet there ahead of time so that they can get used to the place while you can provide reassurance. Bring familiar toys and objects to make their stay more enjoyable. Also make sure they have your emergency contact information, any special needs your pet may have and, if possible, a local contact they can deal with in case you’re unavailable.

In general, cats are most comfortable in their own homes and don’t require the constant attention a dog requires. If your trip is short, it might be best to have someone come in to see them daily and to make sure their litter gets changed. Cats should always have enough food and water to last an extra few days in case your sitter is unexpectedly called away.

Dogs are usually more social than cats and require more constant attention. It’s best to have a dog living with someone, whether in your home or someplace else. Preferably, have your dog stay someplace they’re familiar with. It’s common for dogs that are left at home when their owners travel to spend the better part of the day staring at the door waiting for you to come home. It’s also common for dogs left somewhere else to act out and behave differently, so make sure whoever is taking care of them has their best interests at heart.

Where to Find Professional Sitters or Kennels

  • Local Humane Society
  • Local Vet’s Office
  • Yellow Pages
  • Kijiji, Craigslist or online boards (make sure you get referrals and check them)
  • Petsmart and a few other large pet stores will also house pets
  • National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS – mostly USA)
  • Canadian Pet Services at Canada’s Guide to Dogs
  • Boarding Kennels.org (UK, Ireland, Canada, USA)

 A Final Note

Animals are usually adaptable to their surroundings and some pets actually enjoy the attention they get when their owners leave for extended periods. Whether they’re staying at the latest chic dog boutique or staying at grandma’s with her four other cats, you might be surprised at how well they’ll do.

Looking for what to do with your vehicle while you travel? Check out this post we wrote here.

What To Do With Your Pets When You Go On Vacation

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    • Charles Kosman

      LeX, it’s sometimes hard to both have pets and love to travel. When someone recently asked about what we do with our cat when we’re gone I thought a post on the subject might be useful to others as well. Thanks for reading!

    • Rubby

      Every time we go on vacation, we leave our cat with our mother. Or the grandmother. In special hotels we do not give. The cat is happy but misses us.

  1. Charles Kosman

    There’s no harm in wishing you had a dog Terry. To this day I can’t walk through a park without wishing I had a Frisbee and a dog to retrieve it. Honestly though, we travel so often I’m not sure it would be fair to them or us. We’ve talked about temporarily fostering a dog while back in Canada though so that might happen down the road at some point!

  2. www.travelwithkevinandruth.com

    When we made the decision to full time in our motorhome we had a 15 year old cat and a 11 1/2 year old dog. Our cat Molly would not have liked traveling in the motorhome, plus it was going to be too small for 2 adults, a dog and a cat. Kevin’s sister “adopted” Molly from us and it has worked out well and was a good fit for both of them. She is still alive and is now 20 years old.

    Our dog Whiskey came with us in the motorhome and loved her life on the road. We went down to Mexico 4 times with her and never had a problem with the border crossings (Canada, USA or Mexico), we had all the correct paperwork and shots and it was never an issue. Unfortunately Whiskey passed away on our last trip to Mexico (almost exactly a year ago). We miss her dearly but find we get our doggy fix many other ways. Right now we are housesitting in England and looking after Harvey a 9/10 year old dog who is getting lots of walks and loving. So yes, there are many options for traveling with or without your pet.

    • Charles Kosman

      It’s nice to know there are people out there that are making traveling with pets a reality. The best part about having a pet stay with family is that now you have twice the reason to visit them! Family also gets a part of you that stays with them while you travel. It’s a win win situation all around!

      Thanks for sharing your story. We might have to look into housesitting ourselves once in a while to get our dog fix taken care of. Free rent’s not exactly a bad thing either! 😉

  3. Just One Boomer (Suzanne)

    Since acquiring our dog, Dino, we have had just about every arrangement for him during our travels as you described above although we have been able to avoid boarding him at a kennel. When our former neighbors acquired a dog, that became the best solution. When we travel, Dino stays with them and when they travel, Annabelle, joins us. Generally, I feel guilty for abandoning him when I drop Dino off, but I also feel guilty when I pick him up and take him away from Annabelle and his other family.(We no longer conveniently live on the same street.) I guess this tandem guilt is a good sign—for Dino, anyway. When we travel, I find I have to ask people we meet on the street with their dogs if I can have a dog fix by petting their furry friend.

    Readers of my blog have been enjoying Dino’s back story. Even though it’s a travel blog, Dino stories seem very popular.

  4. Michael

    I couldn’t imagine doing anything but having a house sitter or have others look after our pets. They are already under a lot of stress without mummy and daddy, so having their own surroundings is important to them. I know this isn’t always practical, but I don’t know if we could do it any other way.

    • JJ

      I share my house & yard with two beautiful Calicos. I have a dear friend who is glad to come & feed them when I travel. The problem is that our neighborhood has stray cats who eat the food that is left outside for my kitties. Does anyone have a suggestion?

      • Charles Kosman

        If they’re allowed in the house you could feed them there or you could have your friend make sure the cats eat while they’re there. Of course, you could always just buy extra food and feed the few strays who wonder by as well. 😉

  5. Patricia

    Loved the post especially the bit about the scary hamster and turtle! I love taking my dog abroad with me, I know it may seem like too much hassle to outsiders but he loves the adventures and the process is very simple.

  6. Delores Lyon

    Thanks for sharing the advice! Sometimes it an be hard choosing a place to leave your pet when you want to go on vacation. I have a big Golden Retriever who is hard to travel with, so we leave him behind for most of our big vacations. However, I still want him to be able to have a vacation like the rest of us! It might be a good idea for me to look into luxury pet boarding places.

  7. Christina Grover

    I agree that dogs are more social than cats. We are going on vacation for a few weeks, and need to find a place for him to stay. I want him to be around other dogs. Typically, how long can dogs stay in a kennel before they forget their normal routine?

  8. Westly Smith

    I like the idea of having a pet sitter. If the only disadvantage to a professional sitter is that it’s expensive, then I’m good with it. I want my pet to be safe and comfortable. For me, there’s no cost too high for that.

  9. MaryN

    Thanks – really useful post, you mentioned all viable options for this situation. House Sitter is very good choice IMHO, I’ll try this option on my next trip, hope my pup will get proper care.

  10. Joseph

    In my opinion house sitting is definitely the best choice. I’m kind of a turtle-buff myself and one of the biggest mistakes turtle owners make is to leave them at home for days and weeks at at time, thinking that they will survive just fine.

    Definitely not true! There are a million and one things that can go wrong with turtles when they are left to their own devices in a tank.

    Either cut the trip short or pay someone to stop by and check on or watch them for a little bit each day.

  11. Hazel Owens

    I’m glad that you pointed out how important it is to trust whoever is watching your pet. Getting references and going on tours of potential boarding facilities are some great ways to check out a pet sitter’s trust. I also like your tip to do a trial run for a night or two if your pet is going to stay at a boarding facility. Thanks for the article!

  12. Saurav Nayak

    Hi Charles,

    You have mentioned all the points that is needed when you’re out for a travel. It is very essential to take care of the pets as a responsible pet parent.

    If you are out for short time maybe 3-4 days than it’s okay to leave your pets at your house. But if you are going for a longer duration then there must be somebody you can trust.
    I think leaving pets to somebody your pets are familiar with is the best choice. Because they will also be caring and your pet will also not trouble them because they are familiar.

    Once again, Excellent Post.

    With regards,

  13. Silas Knight

    I honestly didn’t know there were this many options for pet caring when we go on vacation. I prefer to not leave my cats at home, like you said, they seem to get really lonely. From what I have read and seen, a pet boarding facility seems like a good choice.

  14. Jay

    Agree with all you mentioned above, the tips are very useful when you want to leave your pet at home. but, travel along with your dog will be much better, so do not have to worry anymore about your dog 🙂 just my 2 cents

  15. Lucky Paws

    Don’t forget to get a tour of the kennel before you leave your dog for a week as you never know what’s going on in the backend :-/

  16. Bélise

    I’m watching my sisters two dogs while she is gone for the summer, but I need someone to take care of them while I take a short vacation. I appreciate these tips on what to do with your pets when you go on vacation. It’s good to know the advantages and disadvantages of leaving your pet at home and hiring a pet sitter. I’m impressed that official pet sitters have pet first aid training.Thanks for sharing!

  17. Derek Mcdoogle

    In your article, you stated that a professional service should be knowledgeable about animals and how to take care of them. My family and I are going on an extended vacation next week and need a place to keep our new puppy. Do most professional pet boarding services take care of a wide range of animals or do they specialize in a certain type?

  18. Khalid

    If it is my cat, i always keep them in my home. My home is cat proof and there’s no issue there. Also, i ask some of my friends to come and check the cats in every two days.
    If your home is cat proof, it is easy-peezy

  19. Burt Silver

    My wife and I are going on our first vacation since we got our dog that we cannot bring her on. We are worried she will have a hard time without us, and we want to make sure she gets great care. I like the idea of asking our vet if they have a boarding service. I trust him and know our dog would be taken care of there.

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    Thanks – really useful post, you mentioned all viable options for this situation. House Sitter is very good choice IMHO, I’ll try this option on my next trip, hope my pup will get proper care.

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    I am lucky to have wonderful neighbors and they just love my pets. It happens all the time they go over the fence and play with neighbors kids. I travel a lot so I always have a place to leave them. Great article, thanks for sharing!

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    Great information on how to travel with dogs. I have a dog but never traveled with my dog. Hopefully I will try on my next holiday. Thanks for tips.

  23. Sarah

    I agree that it is definitely easier to hire someone to pet sit. That way you can find someone qualified. My dog is a member of the family. I would hate for something to go wrong while I’m gone. I love my cousin (the only relative in town) but she can be irresponsible.

    An experienced pet sitter is the way to go!

  24. Virender Kumar

    I will go on vacation for 10 days and was worry because I don’t want leave my dog with my relative or neighbors. After seen your blog, I decided to refer my dog at professional dog pet shop because they know dogs feeling very well…. Thank you so much……

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    Thanks for the tips for taking care of pets while on vacation. We just got a puppy a little while ago, and we’re leaving to California for a week or so soon. I really like the idea of a professional boarding facility, since they know how to take care of puppies!

  26. Heather

    As you illustrate, there are definitely a lot of pros and cons to both keeping your pet at home and boarding them at a different location. It all depends on the length of your trip and who you get to watch them. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Pet Lover

    I am very happy that I found this post as I live alone and preparing myself to adopt a dog (one dog in first year) in near future. I travel a lot due to my job and have to left my house empty for 2-3 days once in 15 days. While researching about important things to know before adopting a dog, I found this article. On other article (on different web) it was suggested that a person who travel should not adopt any type of pet which made me sad. But after reading your posting, I got little hope that I can also adopt a dog.

    I like the idea of hiring pet sitter or leaving your pet to friends or family member’s house but unfortunately I don’t have any of them very supportive. I am planning to purchase travel pack for my future dog so I can take him along with me. Do you think it will cause any problem? I travel by bus mostly and I have seen that people do travel with their pets in dog. Maybe you can tell which travel pack is most convenient for dogs?

    What else do you suggest me as a travelling person? I still need more motivation before adopting a dog as I don’t want to ruin the dog’s life due to my travelling schedule.

    Waiting for your advice.

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    What a great resource. I really get bummed thinking about my dog going into a Kennel while I’m sitting on the beach. I really never thought that professional pet sitters were a thing! It makes so much sense.

  30. Kat

    Some dogs simply cannot cope in kennels, which is why a responsible dog owner will always have a trial first. Fortunately there are home boarders who are able to look after your dog and treat it as if it were their own while you are away.

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    These are excellent tips for traveling with your dog over the holidays! Thank you so much for sharing.

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    i love this part

    “Dogs are usually more social than cats and require more constant attention. It’s best to have a dog living with someone, whether in your home or someplace else. Preferably, have your dog stay someplace they’re familiar with. It’s common for dogs that are left at home when their owners travel to spend the better part of the day staring at the door waiting for you to come home. ”

    overall it is amazing

  34. Elsa Anderson

    It’s interesting to learn that when hiring a sitter there’s a great chance our pup will be able to find companions there. That’s perfect since we are going to a trip in a bit and we were thinking about what to do with our puppy since he’ll all be alone and none of our friends can take him in since they’ll be with us. I’ll try to find a reliable service then and get him a professional pet sitter. I’ll also suggest this to my friends who are facing the same problem. Thanks!

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    It’s great to know what to do with our dogs when we leave next month. I love the idea of taking them to a boarding place, since they’ll be able to be around other dogs more. They are both really social, so I’m sure they’d like that.

  36. Sara

    Wow, thanks so much for all the tips! I didn’t know that some vet’s and even Petsmart could house animals. I think if you have a family member close by, it would be great for them to take care of your pet. That’s what my family does with our dog and it works out great!

  37. Becca Holton

    It never occurred to me to use pet boarding. That sounds like a great way to make sure my cat is taken care of while I’m out of town. I’m going to try that suggestion to take my pet there for a short trial run to make sure my cat will be ok.

  38. Cherri

    We have a 10 yr old Golden. He’s a beautiful boy and I feel its better for him to be home in familiar surroundings and have the neighbor pop in and out 3 times a day for feedings and outside time. He lost his Momma (our female Golden 8 mos ago) so he will be alone for 3 days as we fly out to our Grandsons Baptism 800 miles away.. I am having such guilt qualms,, am I doing the right thing?

    • Charles Kosman

      Cherri, sometimes you need you time and there’s nothing like travel to get to know the real you. Sure, something could happen while you’re away but the same can happen when you’re out grocery shopping or you’re at work.

      People leave their dogs home every day and they’re fine. They leave them behind for days in the care of families and friends and they’re fine. I’m sure he’ll be fine for 3 days. Go, have yourself a fun trip and enjoy your you time. He’ll be there when you get home and happy to see you again. If you don’t go, you’re choosing him over your grandson and your son or daughter and they deserve to see you too. Safe travels.

  39. Rebecca

    I remember going on a holiday for 2 weeks and left my kitty and alsation with my neighbour. It was the longest 2 weeks ever for me! But they were fine as they were used to my neighbour.

  40. Derek McDoogle

    I think that having a volunteer take care of your dog when you’re away on vacation is a great idea. I will have to ask my neighbor that lives above me to take care of my dog this May. My wife and I are going to be in Montana, so this is timely advice. Thanks so much for your great expertise and advice!

  41. Derek Dewitt

    My wife and I are taking a vacation soon, so thanks for the tips on boarding your dog. I like your point about providing the facility with emergency contact information. We’ll be sure to give this to them so that we can know if there is ever a problem at the boarding facility.

  42. Burt Silver

    I like what you said about a boarding facility or pet hotel. There’s an event I have to travel to but I can’t take my dog with me. I’ll have to look into finding a good boarding service for my dog so that I don’t have to worry about him while I’m away.

  43. Daisy

    love to travel but I feel so terrible leaving my pets all alone
    Thanks for your tips

  44. Elsa Anderson

    I like the idea of putting your pets in a boarding facility to ensure that they will be taken care of professionally without getting stuck in a kennel all day. Speaking of, I was planning to go out of the country for a vacation this month which means my dog Raffy will be left alone at home. I don’t wish to entrust him with my neighbors because they also have their pets and priorities to attend to, so it will be best if I look for a dog boarding facility where he can be safe, fed, and enjoy his stay while I’m out.

  45. Lisa Smith

    My Beagle is a better travel companion than most people I have been on road trips with. She loves to go and she especially loves those buildings with windows that food, in particular hamburgers, comes out of. I’ve never had a dog that did not love to ride or that ever got car sick. I start them out in a cardboard box sitting in the floorboard in front of the passenger seat when I first get them and take them with me every chance I get.

  46. Kairi Gainsborough

    My sister asked me to watch her dog while she is out of town, but I work all day and he can’t stay at my house with my cat. It is a great suggestion to hire a professional pet sitter. I will tell my sister to consider hiring someone to check on her dog twice a day like you said a typical pet sitter would.

  47. Raymond Cooper

    My wife and I would love to get a dog. We go on vacations a lot though, so I appreciated the tips you gave. I think the most attractive one was to have a pet sitter watch our dog in our home. This would be nice since I’m sure our dog would feel less stressed being able to stay in our home instead of at a boarding facility.

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    Thanks for pointing out that leaving your pet at a pet hotel while you’re on vacation can be a good option because they have the facilities and staff already equipped to take good care of your pet. My husband and I are trying to decide what we are going to do with our dog when we’re on our cruise this summer. I think I like the option of leaving him at a pet resort the best because I think that they would probably take better care of them than my mom or a neighbor might because that’s what they’re there to do, and they wouldn’t be distracted by other things.

  53. Mia Stewart

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    Thanks for your valuable writing.

  60. Derek McDoogle

    I totally agree with you when you said that a professional should know how to take care of a dog. My sister will travel soon and she does not know where to leave her dog. I will tell her to look for a local pet boarding facility so that she can feel comfortable leaving her dog in good hands.

  61. Ron Booker

    My grandfather has a dog and he’s looking for someone who will take care of it while he’s on his treatment. It’s great to know that one can leave the dog at a boarding facility since they know how to take care of pets.

    • Rameen Shah

      Ron Booker Yes, It’s so helpful for us for such a nice facility of caring pets when you are away for some reason. but your heart is satisfied that your pet is are in save hands. There’s one of the greater problems of missed feedings.
      But they solve our problem. Agreed ??

  62. Mario

    La presencia de perros, gatos y otros animales de compañía es determinante en el estado de ánimo. Se ha demostrado que tener una mascota es un gran remedio contra la depresión porque su compañía aumenta la sensación de seguridad y protección.

  63. Priyota Parma

    Hi Charles,
    Great tips indeed. It’ll be very helpful to take care of my pets. Do you have any recommendations for current Locked down?

    Thanks for the share…

    Priyota Parma

  64. Emilie J. Christiansen

    I have read many articles regarding dogs But this article catch my heart. Love to read the informative tips. I will definitely use these tips while going on vacation. Really Appreciated your work. Thanks for sharing the post.

  65. Afton Jackson

    I really appreciate your suggestion of leaving a pet at a boarding facility when going away for a long time. My sister has been fussing over the fact that she’s been invited to her old college buddy’s vacation trip, but she doesn’t know what to do about her pet cat since the trip involves a stayover at her friend’s house who’s allergic to cats. I wouldn’t want her to miss out, so I’ll volunteer to take my sister’s cat to a pet boarding daycare until she gets back.

  66. Kristofer Van Wagner

    I love that this post encouraged us to choose an expert dog sitter when considering a dog boarding. I do agree as it ensures that our dogs are in well care. I will heed your advice.

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